Get rid of root aphids

What are root aphids?

The most aphids occur on the stem and on the leaves of the weed plant. But there is also a kind of louse that you do not see so quickly, because they are underground. These are the root aphids. Root aphids injure your roots, they eat from them and thus leave behind an enzyme that makes your plant sick. Because the roots of your plant are damaged, the plant can absorb fewer nutrients, with all the negative consequences that this entails. Although they are only small animals, they can cause major problems. If you find root aphids in your growing place, it is important to take action immediately. They not only damage your plants, but they also multiply very quickly. So if you do not fight them, your entire garden will be full of these little bugs in no time.

Destroy all your plants after harvest

If you want to get rid of those filthy, tiny, measly bugs, you'll have to remove your plants from your growing room after harvesting, and you'll have to destroy them. Of course, nobody wants to start all over again to rebuild their growth room. But once you have root aphids in your garden, that's really the only way. The tricky thing is that they are underground, at the roots. That is why it is difficult to get a population away from your plants and from your soil.

All methods are quite rigorous. They are treatments that go quite far, but there is little else to do when removing root aphids. Preventive measures are better, but once you have root aphids in your soil and at the roots of your plant, the problem is difficult to tackle.

There are pesticides based on citric acid. That is an effective method that is organic. Ask your garden center about this. You can also beat root aphids with hydrogen peroxide. Mix a small amount through your soil, but watch out that you do not use too much. The disadvantage is that it can also kill good microbes. Therefore, look for the correct dosage on the product packaging.

Many pesticides contain the fungus 'Beauveria bassiana'. This fungus occurs naturally in soil and rooth aphids hate it.

If you want to save your precious plants, you will have to act quickly if you find rooth aphids in your garden. These annoying bastards don't leave voluntarily, so do everything you can to get rid of them!

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Don't let root aphids eat the roots of your Habiba.