weed seedling

So you've bought yourself a nice bag of high-quality weed seeds. Now what? Simple, you are going to let them germinate (in a proper way) to make them grow into fantastic plants. And then you are going to pick up all your smoking buddies and you will blaze as if there is no tomorrow. How sounds that? But first things first... the germination part.

As you probably know (and if you don't, just pretend) there are different methods for germinating weed seeds. But what is the best way to do this? For example, you have the well-known 'kitchen paper method', using... you guessed it... kitchen paper. And further you can also germinate your precious, tiny weed seeds in a glass of water. But why don't you simply let them germinate in the ground? Putting them directly in the soil has a number of advantages. Read on to discover which major advantages your seedlings will benefit from, and discover why it is efficient and simple.

The benefits of germinating your weed seeds in the soil

If you plant your seeds directly in the soil, there is one big advantage we will reveal first. You may shrug your shoulders for this reason, but one day you will find out how useful this tip was and you will thank us big time for it! If you plant directly in the soil, you no longer have to repot or move your seeds afterward. And that can prevent a lot of damage to the seedlings. Moreover, planting a seed directly on the earth is also very easy. How does it work? Just simply place the seed about half an inch deep in the soil and cover the seed lightly with some earth, so it stays warm and there is no direct light. Seeds germinate best in a humid and warm environment. Make sure the soil stays moist, but be sure it is not soaked. Soil that is too wet does more harm than good to your seeds. Not sure about the right temperature? You can place a lamp above the seeds with which you can adjust the correct germination temperature. You'll only have to be patient for a very short time. Your weed seeds will sprout within a few days.

To give your seeds a perfect start, you must keep them in a warm and moist place. Immediately after the root has broken through the hard seed skin, it will start looking for moisture. So be sure the baby plant has access to enough water/moisture. Don't touch the seeds or the seedling if you don't have to. A small touch can be enough to cause damage. Treat your small seeds the same as you would do with a baby, very carefully.

Want to know more about Seed Scuffing? Check out the video from our Mr. Sour.

The seedling stage

Keep in mind that your seeds do not need nutrients during the first two weeks of growth. Seeds already carry all the nutrients they need. Starting cannabis growers sometimes make that mistake. They believe that they help the plants by adding nutrients at an early stage. But this is a misconception that can have major consequences. The little weed seeds have everything they need to grow for a few weeks. If you add extra nutrition, it can happen that

the seedling burns out, even before it has had the chance to grow. If you just give them water, you know for sure that they will grow strong and healthy roots. The only thing you could do is use some root stimulator to boost root formation, but that is not necessary either.

Work neatly and hygienically

Note that hygiene is a very important factor when you get busy with seeds and baby plants. Work very clean, and also ensure that the materials you use are clean (and preferably sterile). This does not only relate to the tools and materials that you use, but also to yourself. For example, did you know that nicotine is toxic and thus can do harm to cannabis plants? So, if you smoke cigarettes, it's useful to use antibacterial soap before you start working with your little plants. Seedlings are very fragile and sensitive and therefore you have to be very careful with them.

Happy growing!