How to create your own pipe (bong) by AMS

So what exactly is a bong? A bong is a filtration device that is used to smoke marijuana or herbs. In the device, the gas flows from the lower section to the upper port. A bong can be constructed from a watertight vessel or an airtight vessel.

All you need to do is add a stem apparatus that will guide the air downwards and a hole in the lower part. Nevertheless, kindly note that while smoking, the whole lower part is covered to allow the smoke to sink into the respiratory system.

Bongs have been used for several centuries in all parts of the world. What started as a bamboo tree tube in Thai has evolved into a more complicated device and has also adopted new slang terms such as billy, binger, or bubbler.

The most interesting thing about a bong is that you can easily make a homemade pipe using regular items instead of high-class pieces. All you need to do is get a little creative, and soon you will be a smoking guru.

Before we get into details, here are some of the tools required when crafting your organic smoking device:

Supplies you need for making homemade pipes 

For you to make a homemade pipe, you need the following supplies:

1. Potato Peeler

A potato peeler has a knife-like tip that is used in carving a bowl from the produce.

2. Skewer

This tool is perfect for creating an airway between a carved bowl and a mouthpiece. You are recommended to use a bamboo skewer or metal skewer to attain the best results; nevertheless, you can also use chopsticks or toothpicks.

3. Coffee Spoon

A coffee spoon is agile and tiny, enabling it to create a perfect bowl on your fruit pipe.

4. Pumpkin Carving Knife

As the name suggests, this small knife can easily grind through the produce and carve out some tender flesh. 

5. Pen casing

This casing is used for puncturing medium holes from your product of choice. Also, remember to rinse the tool before use.

Best fruits used to create a bong

To the lovers of marijuana, there are crafty ways of making pipes. When you are bored and determined, you can successfully develop a decent pipe made from any fruit. There are several fruit suggestions for making a weed pipe online, but the question remains: Which is the most exceptional method? Well, we have highlighted the best ways of making a fruit pipe.

1. The apple homemade pipe

 Apples are the most used products in making a bong. Presently, if you search on youtube, you will get close to 800,000 results. This is due to its natural taste and ease of making.

 So what exactly do you need in making a homemade apple pipe? Of course,  an apple, a pen or pencil, and a knife. Start by removing the stem of the apple using a knife, then use a pencil to make a hole at the top section for the stem. Push the pencil until it is halfway through the apple.

You are also expected to make a second hole at the bottom and push the pencil at an angle to meet up with the upper hole at the center. On the opposite side of the second hole, bore another hole towards the center, referred to as the carb.

The final step requires you to carve out a bowl from the holes you have made; just ensure that the apple is not sliced wrongly! As soon as the above steps are complete, you are assured of a nice apple flavor.

The apple pipes are effective and only take minutes to make. They also give you a smooth feeling compared to those expensive glass pipes sold in the head shops. You can also eat an apple later. Just kidding – don't eat the apple, it is highly intoxicated!

2. The banana homemade pipe 

If an apple isn't effective, then you can use a banana. How do you use a banana? Do you smoke the banana peel? The answer is no. Instead, you use the banana exterior and malleable inside as a pipe fruit. Nonetheless, avoid extremely ripe bananas; it can be difficult to unpeel them.

3. The pineapple homemade pipe 

The pineapple is commonly used together with the iconic fan leaf. It is not easy to rip off a pineapple due to its coarse exterior; however, it can be used as a tropical-flavored joint mouthpiece.

4. The cucumber homemade pipe 

Cucumbers are shaped like pipes. To make a successful pipe, insert a bowl, at least 1/3 way up using a potato peeler. Also, slide a skewer downwards and crack a carb on the wall of the cucumber. Finally, add some Enya and a terry cloth robe for a superb experience. It is fun to smoke from a cucumber; however, a wet unpleasant residue may be left on your lips. 

5. The homemade watermelon pipe

The trick here is to pick a melon you can easily manage. It is easy to work with the melon due to its flesh firmness and its size, enabling you to easily place a mouthpiece. Moreover, the pipe is huge enough to enable you to take massive hits as you lean back on your chair.

6. The pear homemade pipe

Just like in an apple, all you are required to do is insert a pipe out of the pear with a pen. The smoke is smooth and tasty but can be a little thick, causing discomfort among smokers.

7. The squash homemade pipe

It is difficult to insert a pipe inside a squash as compared to a pear; nonetheless, the squash payoff is way higher. The fruit is not only a charm but is extremely natural to smoke. Once you wrap your lips around the fruit, you will be guaranteed a natural feel.

8. The jalapeno pepper homemade pipe

It is easy to make a jalapeno pepper homemade pipe. Once you pull out the stem and bite the opposite side, you will have a pipe. The pepper is easy to hold and smoke and can heat your lips from the seeds. You should consider smoking the spicy green Jalapeno pepper.

Best vegetables used for homemade pipes

Some people will feel grossed when you mention the possibility of making a homemade bong from vegetables. However, when you pick the right vegetables, the experience is great and almost similar to that of fruits. Below are some of the vegetables you can use to make bongs.

1. Potato

Potatoes are commonly used in the kitchen and appear solid when uncooked. This is the best opportunity to use a handy-dandy skewer and potato peeler to cave out a bowl and create an airway.

2. Carrot

A carrot is shaped like a pipe and can be easily used to transmute. To make a pipe, you are required to chop both ends, skewer through, and then bam.

3. Zucchini

This vegetable can be made into a pipe just like a cucumber.

4. Pumpkin

As we have highlighted above, you can use any fruit or vegetable to make a bong, so long as it has a bowl and mouthpiece on each side. One advantage of using a pumpkin is that its internal contents are loosely packed; hence the seeds can be removed easily.

All you need to do while making a bong is look for a small pumpkin (one that you can easily hold), make a hole around the stem, and remove the stalk.

Also, scoop out the seeds and push your stem through the pumpkin. On the other side, insert something to act as a mouthpiece. You can now get high!

Using stuff around the house to make homemade pipes

 1. Water bottle bong

To start, you require a plastic bottle, a lighter, a paper clip, duct tape, aluminum foil, and a hollow pen.

Make a hole at the bottom using a paper clip. Heat the paper clip with a lighter for a few minutes beforehand so that making the hole will be easy. Moreover, ensure that the hole is huge enough to enable the pen to fit inside.

Ensure that the pin is inserted at a downward angle and cover any space left with tape to ensure that no smoke escapes. Generate another hole at any side of the bottle to serve as a carb.  After that, use some aluminum foil to craft a bowl that can hallow a pen, and ensure that you punch a small hole at the bottom of the foil. If you are worried that it might collapse, use some duct to secure its position. In conclusion, fill the bottle with water to ensure that the end of the pen is completely submerged.

2. A pen homemade pipe

This one is very easy to make; you only require a metal tip and a pen. All you are required to do is unscrew the metal tip of a pen, take the innards out and insert the tip of a pen. Load the bowl, and you will be ready to blaze with the pipe. A homemade pen pipe is advantageous because it is small enough to fit in a book safe; if you want to be discrete, then this is the best option. 

3. The homemade candy pipe

If you are looking for a sweet smoking experience, the candy pipe is made for you!

To make a candy pipe, you only require a pen and soft candy. Any candy can be used, but we recommend the use of starbursts candy.

The first step involves squishing starbursts together in rectangular shapes, then squashing another towards the end of the rectangle (it will serve as a bowl). Then stick a pin through the top of your bowl and also halfway underneath it. Finally, take your pen and push it from the opposite side. The starbursts should meet the hole made for the bowl. Once you have packed your bowl, it is time to puff!

4. The gravity homemade bong 

This is a piece of crucial equipment that every smoker should have. It is made of aluminum foil, a lid, a pitcher, a  thumbtack, and a plastic bottle.

The first step includes cutting off the bottom of a plastic bottle with scissors. Then take the cap of a bottle and stab a hole at the top with scissors. Subsequently, you will cut out an aluminum foil to form a bowl over the bottlecap. Push the cut out through the hole and wrap around the edges to ensure that the aluminum sits on the cap. Also, use a thumbtack to poke a few holes at the bottom of the bowl.   

Once you are done, screw the cap into the bottle, and put it in a pitcher, the pitcher should contain some water. Further, fill up the bowl with some herbs, light it up, and slowly pull out the bottle of water. When it is time to inhale, unscrew the cap and inhale the gas. Just inhale slowly to avoid sucking in the water.

Making the homemade gravity bong can be intimidating, but once you understand it, you will never look for another option.

5. Winter bongs

What do you do when you misplace your key on a snowy night?  You can entertain yourself by creating a snow bong sculpture. All you need to do is look for an area with some water and build up a sculpture with an airway. Insert the marijuana and light it up; you will get baked. 

6. Bamboo bongs

This is one of the earliest methods of making a bong. First forward to the 21st century,  you can make thousands of bong if you live somewhere close to where bamboos grow.  You are only required to use a drill (though you can substitute it with a penknife), a stem, and a bowl. With these, you are ready to get the job done.

 7. Brick bong

 You can also use plastic building blocks to make pretty much, bongs included. All you need to do is place the stacks in the right position, and boom, you are good to go.

8. Mannequin bong

This is a unique bong. Anyone who sees a mannequin can even mistake it for a piece of art. So which part is the mouthpiece? Definitely, the mannequin's mouth (your guess was right), therefore when inhaling, it feels like you are making out while in real sense you are smoking cannabis. This seems like an ideal setting for a teenage boy.

We don't have the instructions for this model, so you will have to figure them out yourself. Anyway, this is a very creative method. You are also cautioned against excessively smoking harmful plastic vapors to avoid damaging your lungs.

9. A Honey bear bong

How can we complete the list without some homemade honey bear bong?

The bear is quick and easy to fix, especially when you need to smoke some marijuana and are “boneless." The opening at the top facilitates the inhalation process while the adjust for whatever stem you have. A bonus is that the honey flavor inside adds some addition to all strains of cannabis.

10. The super smoker

Yes, this sounds like a joke, but the super smoker made it to our top list of bongs. You should see it in action as it gives the user that addictive smooth feeling. The shape of the smoker also resembles a real bong, so you will not get tired of trying to modify it. Just insert a bowl, light it up, and enjoy your evening.

Are bongs harmful?

While the bong feels great on your lungs while smoking, it can harm your body.

Research conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention DC and other health institutions indicated that smoke is dangerous to your health regardless of what you are smoking. This is due to the carcinogens released from the burning materials.

Smoking weed, whether as a blunt or bong, can easily damage the lung tissues and also damage micro-blood vessels. Moreover, as you inhale smoke, you are exposed to tar (a very dangerous component) per breath that can easily lead to lung cancer. Another major risk is the use of bongs made up of plastic. Plastics contain chemicals such as phthalates and BPA that lead to adverse effects. 

Besides the health risks, having a bong that consists of marijuana can have some legal ramifications depending on the laws that govern your locality. Medical research also shows that cannabis smokers visit healthcare facilities to treat respiratory conditions often as compared to non-smokers. 

Certainly, a small amount of tar may be filtered out, but all this information about bongs being safe is not true.

There have also been reported cases of people acquiring tuberculosis from sharing a bong. Besides getting the infection from sharing the bong, you can acquire infections by inhaling contaminated water from the filtered bong.  

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is smoking bong healthier as compared to other modes of smoking?

A: This is one of the most unpopular beliefs. Contrary to what people believe, bongs don't alter the smoke; they just chill it.  The cooler smoke gives you a better feeling but does not filter the cannabis.      

 Nevertheless, a bong is also easier on your throat, and hence the effects on your throat are minimized-but according to medical reports, the only sure way to filter cannabis is by using a vaporizer.

Q: Why should you use a bong instead of another smoking method?

A: Well, most smokers don't have a preference; they jump from a blunt when out and in the company of many friends while leaving a vaporizer at home. Nonetheless, it is important to note that bongs provide a smoother hit while joints are harsher.

Q: What is a bowl?

A: This is an essential part of a bong and is the only thing all bongs have in common. It is the place where you place the cannabis in. The bowl is attached to the downstream and further to the perc that moves smoke up and to your lungs. The whole process starts in the bowl.

Q: Is ice an essential requirement in a bong?

A: Ice is used to cool smoke, eventually leading to a smooth feeling. However, some people claim that the ice gives the smoke a very unpopular dry feeling. As you can see, not every person prefers ice; it all comes down to what you prefer.

Q: What is a “Perc”?

A: The term "perc" refers to the chambers of water that are used in a bong. The term "perc" is the short form of a percolator, which refers to something that bubbles when water passes through it. There are different types of "percs" (both standard and non-standard), and new designs continue to be produced daily. The classic "perc" is the one your mother will mistake for a vase flower- but you might not know the difference between a circ, tree, and honeycomb. The only thing you need to know is that all “percs" aim to break the smoke and filter it through the water to attain a smooth end.

Final thoughts

There is nothing as interesting as pulling a container from your garage, drilling a hole, inserting a stem and bowl, and getting lit! It is liberating and saves a lot of money. So get creative and make a homemade bong with the available resources. You never know; your idea may make it to the list too.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that a bong gives you a smooth and more fulfilling feel as compared to a rolled joint, but that doesn’t protect you from health risks. So if you overuse the bong, it's high time you allow it to rest on the shelf; however, if you are a moderate user, then let us continue with the same spirit.