Craft Cannabis

Craft Cannabis is the next interesting development in the world of cannabis. In many American States, but also in other parts of the world, there are various craft-related developments in all kinds of fields.

Next interesting development in the world of cannabis.

Microbreweries are sprouting like mushrooms. Seasonal beers and occasional beers are brewed everywhere, in a traditional way, with a great deal of attention for organic ingredients.

Coffee has become a craft experience in recent years, with a focus on slow roasting and a precise selection of the right coffee beans for the best flavor and blend.

In the culinary field, the principle of farmer-to-plate is getting more and more supporters. Organically produced meals are receiving more and more attention. And both consumers and producers are more than ever aware of the products, ingredients and producing methods they use.

What is craft cannabis?

With all these traditional experiences, cannabis couldn't be left behind. And actually it had been around for a while, but now it is finally getting the attention it deserves: craft cannabis.

Craft cannabis is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Craft cannabis is exactly as it sounds: cannabis made with love and with the greatest care. That sounds logical, but often you don't know how your weed is grown. With craft cannabis this proces is very transparent. The growers like to share how they worked and how they came to their beautiful end product.

Craft cannabis is exactly as it sounds

Certainly in combination with other craft products, craft cannabis can provide a fantastic experience. What to think of of a very good cup of coffee, together with the aroma of a fantastic joint, where all flavors are perfectly matched? This can provide a new and unique cannabis caffeine experience.

And if you are a wine lover, why not combine a Cabernet with a fruity Indica such as Blackberry Kush? And with all those micro-breweries, it's easy (and tasty) to pair a spicy cannabis strain with a hoppy India Pale Ale.

Craft cannabis is about attention and quality. And that is exactly what many cannabis users are looking for.

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