cooking with cannabis concentrates

The best thing about cannabis is that you can do a lot of things with it. In the simplest case, you roll a thick blunt of it and go as high as a kite. For many people, this is why they consume cannabis and that is absolutely fine. But if you want to vary a little, there are a lot of creative possibilities. For example, are you already familiar with the world of concentrates? Yes? But did you know that you can also cook with BHO, kief, and hashish? Yes, you can! So put on your cooking apron and look for your ladle, because we are heading for the kitchen!

If you start cooking with weed, fantastic things will happen, believe us. Many people who make edibles or cook with marijuana often use cannabutter or oil. But we are going to talk in this article about cooking with cannabis concentrates.

Cooking with a cannabis

Before you can get to the cooking part and add marijuana to dishes, you will have to decarboxylate your extracts. Once you've done that, you can give almost any dish a big boost. You can dissolve THC in fat, so the basis is always a kind of butter or oil. It is recommended to mix your concentrate with oil or butter. The easiest way is to do that when it has just been decarboxylated and is still hot. You have to mix everything well and stir it together. You need very little oil or fat for it, much less than if you were to make cannabis oil or cannabis oil. So if you are counting your calories, or want to eat less fat, then this method only has plus points. In addition, concentrates are incredibly strong, which is why you need much less than if you were to use cannabis buds.

Decarboxylation of a cannabis concentrate

The marijuana plant naturally contains THCA and no THC. THCA is not psychoactive. Only when you decarboxylate the flower tops do you activate the cannabinoids that are in cannabis, and therefore also THCA, which is then converted into THC. THCA is actually the non-psychoactive precursor of THC. Only when THCA is heated the THC comes to life. Therefore, if you make cannabis oil or butter, you should always decarboxylate, this activates all cannabinoids. In addition to heating the plant material, drying and curing also ensure the process of decarboxylation. If you then heat the cannabis by smoking it, putting it in a vaporizer or in a bowl, the combustion will cause the process to take place. If you are going to cook, you will first have to decarboxylate so that the THC, plus all other cannabinoids, becomes active.

But how do you do that with concentrates? For starters, you work in the same way as you would with flower tops. Put your concentrate in the oven, on baking paper. Put the over at 110 degrees and heat your concentrate for about half an hour. How hot you have to set the oven and how long your concentrate goes into the oven depends on which concentrate you use. You can adjust the baking time and the temperature. You can remove BHO from the oven when it is no longer bubbling. Hashish and kief look toasted and also smell nice when they are decarboxylated. Once you've done this, you can mix the decarboxylated concentrate with a bit of oil or butter (not too much) and after that, you can add a small amount to various dishes.