Muscle Pain CBD

CBD can help with a variety of ailments and pains, but what about

muscle pain

? There are several ways to relax your muscles and help them to recover. You can give your muscles rest and you can use special compression tape or take an ice bath. But more athletes use CBD, why is that?

Recovering muscles is part of sports. If you have made an effort, then comes the time for relaxation. And it doesn't matter if you are an amateur athlete or a top athlete. Your muscles will have to recover. A good recovery prevents injuries and it ensures that you can train again afterward. Muscle pain can be very severe, some people suffer more from it than others. It is wise to handle it in the best possible way, and CBD can play a role in this.

Muscle strain

Suppose you do bodybuilding, you want the muscle mass to increase. This is called hypertrophy. Muscles must work with a certain intensity to increase muscle mass and that causes small cracks in the muscles. Training actually causes damage to your muscles, and that ensures that your body has to take action. Your body makes the muscles stronger in order to prevent more damage. The increase in muscle mass is therefore actually a reaction of the body to prevent from more damage.

muscle strain

Muscle pain after exercise is caused by muscle damage. The body repairs itself in response to this. The body is adjusted to this, but the physical pain can be very annoying and can mess up and delay your training schedule. Compression and ice can cause the blood supply to temporarily decrease. This will reduce the feeling of cramping and pain. Molecules that cause the inflammation cannot reach that place well either, so this speeds up the period the body needs for recovery and healing.


For many people with muscle pain, the use of CBD is a good solution. CBD can be consumed in many different ways. The cannabis industry keeps coming up with innovative ways to consume CBD. Smoking or vaping is one of the options, but athletes prefer not to choose this because it can be harmful to the lungs. In addition to smoking or vaping, you can also take CBD through tinctures, capsules or oil. Through all these methods, the CBD enters your bloodstream quickly, so that muscle pain diminishes quickly. It is also possible to apply a lotion or cream that is enriched with CBD directly on the muscles. A massage with CBD oil provides deep relaxation. CBD is also added to a huge number of other products, such as juices, coffee, salads, and smoothies. So there is always a way that you like.

High CBD strains

With the increasing popularity of CBD, the popularity of CBD strains is also increasing. There are cannabis buds for sale where the ratio of CBD and THC is 1: 1 or 2: 1. But there are also strains with a very high CBD percentage and a very low THC value.

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