Is it possible to tell the quality of cannabis seeds by just looking at them? Their genetics determines the quality of marijuana seeds, so if you want to get the best of your buds, buy the best quality weed seeds.

Suppose you are looking to buy quality weed seeds and do not know how to differentiate between good and bad quality. Don't fret because you will have all the knowledge at your fingertips by the end of this piece. Lucky for you, we have premium quality marijuana seeds in our webshop, so please visit our seed bank and choose the cannabis seeds that fit your needs.


Buying cannabis seeds can overwhelm new growers because of the numerous seedbanks; that is why we came up with this guide to help you identify quality weed seeds. Apart from weed grown from cannabis plant clones or cuttings, all marijuana plants start from seeds; thus, buy quality cannabis seeds. However, you will also need to provide your plants with care, nutrients, water, and the correct lighting schedule to get healthy, quality, and generous produce. Below, we discuss how growers should ensure that their premium seeds tick off, such as reputable source, appearance, durability, age, or conducting the float test before purchase.

Whether you are buying your seeds from a seed bank or getting them from a friend, use the tips below to ensure that you pick only the best. This will go a long way in ensuring that you start your growth right.

Why find the best quality weed seeds?

Most people in their initial stages of growing marijuana don't know what they are getting into, so it's essential to conduct thorough research on marijuana seeds before committing to a particular strain. Finding the best weed seeds prevents crop failure by starting your growth with the right marijuana seeds and enjoying high-quality buds, not forgetting generous yields.

When to find quality weed seeds

If you want to grow cannabis, it's best, to begin with quality weed seeds to avoid the stress of dealing with diseases and damage that affect marijuana plants. Choose cannabis strain seeds with high endurance and produce quality buds with decent yields. High-quality weed seeds give you the motivation to continue growing. They are also best for people looking to grow marijuana for medical purposes.

How to identify the best quality weed seeds?

You can tell a lot from looking at a cannabis seed. Although different marijuana strain seeds have different shapes, colors, and appearances, mature seeds share the following features; a healthy sheen on the surface, a hard shell, and dark brown or black color. When you are looking to buy quality weed seeds, you need to look out for:

Appearance and color

When shopping for cannabis seeds, ensure that the seeds have a darkened color, primarily brown, black, or gray. If you find the seeds are white or green, they are immature and doubtful to germinate. Some growers claim that the best quality weed seeds should also have dark spots or stripes.

High-quality weed seeds have a sheen appearance because of the wax coating covering the seed. So, ensure your weed seed's surface has a shiny appearance.

Size and shape

It is possible to identify quality cannabis seeds by size or shape. It is said that the largest weed seeds with a teardrop or symmetrical shape are of the best quality, while immature seeds are tiny with an irregular shape. However, sometimes you can find quality seeds that are small and irregular, so don't knock them off until you test them.


Quality weed seeds have a smooth, hard shell because of the wax coating and uncracked surface. Make sure that when you squeeze the seeds, they cannot crack. If you break them, they are of poor quality and will not give you a healthy crop, and the chances of crop failure are high.


The age of the seeds helps you determine their viability. Like all genetic material, the quality of the seeds lowers as time goes by. So it's better to buy seeds that are only a month or one year old as they are more viable than those stored for a long time. Also, ensure they were appropriately stored in a cool and dark place. This prevents rot and mold formation.

Float test

You can also choose to conduct a test to determine the viability of the seeds. After selecting your seeds, conduct a float test to determine their viability. This straightforward process involves dropping the seeds into a jar filled halfway with distilled water. Leave it to rest for about an hour or two to see if it sinks. If your seed falls to the bottom, then the probability of your cannabis seed's germinating is high, but the chances of growth are low if it floats.

Caution: If you are conducting a float test, do it right before germinating the seeds because if you continue storing them, they can get mold or decay.


Instead of doing all the guesswork, germinate your seeds. If you have already bought the seeds, what have you got to lose? This is the best way to determine if your seeds are healthy; if they don't germinate, you know the seeds were of poor quality.

Reliable source

This is paramount because if you get your weed seeds from a reputable, the chances are that you will get quality weed seeds. Therefore, make sure that you purchase your weed seeds from our prestigious seed bank, as we have a vast collection of strains to choose from, and you are guaranteed quality as our seeds are tested and verified.


The quality of your cannabis seeds plays a crucial role in the quality of your harvest. So, make sure that you apply the tips above to select quality weed seeds. Also, it's important to understand that each marijuana strain is different; therefore, research more about the strain seeds you want.

We are making your work easier by offering you a wide range of quality weed seeds on our website. Visit today and choose cannabis strain seeds that fit your needs.