Planting Cannabis Sativa: A Natural Answer to Anxiety

The cannabis conversation has always been a rollercoaster, with its highs and lows. But here's the thing: the tide is turning for medicinal cannabis. Despite the historical shade thrown at this plant, its reputation is on the upswing. And guess what? The UN's recent studies are backing up its therapeutic magic.

From a biological standpoint, medicinal cannabis and its recreational sibling are pretty much twins – they come from the same plant family. But the real difference? It's all about what's inside, my friends.

Breaking it down, plants geared for medicinal use are jam-packed with CBD (Cannabidiol). This little molecule is a game-changer for folks dealing with tough symptoms, whether it's cancer, arthritis, or epilepsy.

Take David Mauricio, for instance. This college dude has been vibing positively with cannabis sativa. For him, it's been a trusty sidekick in his battle against anxiety and those gnarly muscle pains during his anxiety episodes.

David shared his journey: "I started with cannabis when I was 19, right before diving into college. I was all about its medicinal properties, especially since it was recommended to ease my anxiety and those intense muscle aches. And let me tell you, the difference was night and day."

Now, here's a nugget of wisdom: recreational cannabis plants do have more THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – that's the stuff that gets you on cloud nine. But that doesn't mean medicinal strains are THC-free. They've got a sprinkle, but it's so mellow it doesn't mess with patients.

David went on: "The first time I tried it, I was a bit on edge because of all the bad press around cannabis, thanks to society, family, and even the government. But I decided to challenge the haters and see the good it could do, especially for my body. And man, the results were off the charts."

As David kept benefiting from cannabis, he realized that sometimes the source matters. So, he decided to grow his own, and it turned out to be a transformative experience.

"Over time, I became somewhat of a cannabis guru. Sometimes the stuff I bought wasn't top-shelf, and I didn't get the relief I was after. So, I thought, why not grow my own?" said David.

For him, it was all about getting creative. He used a spot in his backyard to cultivate his plants, which started delivering the goods.

"At first, I was a tad anxious about starting my own grow-op, but I played by the rules. This allowed me to offer top-notch cannabis to folks like me, who lean on it for medicinal purposes. I started with cannabis-infused minty creams and then moved on to selling plants. The sativa strain? A total hit. My dream? To open a spot with my own urban garden," David wrapped up.

In recent times, there've been some groundbreaking meds hitting the market for serious conditions. One that's making waves is Epidiolex (pharma-grade CBD), proving its mettle in treating Lennox Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome, two hardcore forms of epilepsy that still baffle the science world.

Despite the lingering stigmas around cannabis, more and more folks are recognizing its power to ease pain and anxiety. It's like a renaissance for this plant, with a growing appreciation for its therapeutic awesomeness.