Watch out for the BHO wax high.

The production of BHO (Butane hash oil) is dangerous because of the use of butane. Butane is a dangerous solvent that must be carefully removed after making BHO wax. Nothing of the butane may remain on the wax, otherwise, it will be harmful to your health.

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How is BHO concentrate made?

Watch this video to see how homemade BHO concentrate is made. Don't try this at home, kids! Butane is dangerous stuff.

The BHO high is also dangerous

But in addition to the production process, BHO wax has another major risk and that is the extreme high that it causes. Even cannabis strains that are known for their high THC content cannot match the THC content of butane hash oil.

Cannabis strains with very high THC content do not exceed 30%, most fluctuate around between 20 and 25 percent. That is really the max.

But BHO wax is so concentrated that it can contain more than 80% THC. In the extreme case even 90%. So that is many times stronger than the original strain.

Unless you can handle THC very well, a concentrate with so much THC will have an epic effect on you. Many people cannot handle it and are not up for it.

The use of BHO therefore regularly results in hospitalization. The extreme high caused by the unprecedented high percentage of THC can cause hallucinations and people can start tripping just like with LSD.

BHO wax is therefore very different from the use (smoking) of 'normal' cannabis. Experienced cannabis users also warn about the use of BHO. You should ask yourself if it is a good idea to dab a cannabis concentrate with that much THC.

How safe is BHO Wax?

BHO wax is a fantastic product, let's put that first. But it certainly involves risks. The unprecedented high THC content gives an effect that is simply too strong for most people. It must be added that - if the extraction process is done in a responsible and clean manner - dabbing is less harmful than smoking.