Everyone who uses weed knows OG Kush. Have you never heard of it? Then you are probably new to the cannabis scene.

OG Kush is famous all over the world. It is a legendary strain that is known even to people who do not use cannabis.

The origin of OG Kush

There are many questions about the origin of OG Kush. Where does it have its origin? Who knows may say. There is also much debate about the letters OG and what they stand for. Some claim it stands for 'Original Gangster'. Others again claim it stands for 'Ocean Grown', as a nod to its origins: the California coast. And there are many other theories about where the name OG Kush comes from. That nobody knows exactly, certainly contributes to the legend.

Characteristics of OG Kush

A typical OG Kush flower bud is easy to recognize. Even before you smoke OG Kush, by smelling the buds and looking at it, you can already recognize if it is a real OG Kush.

This strain has compact flowers and these are usually bright green in color. The tops are covered with countless trichomes that leave a sticky resin on your fingers when you touch them.

Terpenes in OG Kush

OG Kush is known for the fact that the plant contains many terpenes. These terpenes give OG Kush that typical, earthy and somewhat sour aroma. The terpenes the plant contains include limonene, humulin and pinene. Together these terpenes create a recognizable scent that this strain is so loved for.

The genetic origin of OG Kush is a mystery. There are ideas about it, but nobody knows exactly how this strain has been crossed. That too remains a mystery to this day. Traditionally, the strain is a hybrid made from Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. So there is both Indica and Sativa in OG Kush.

There are also cannabis connoisseurs who say that OG is just a variation of Chemdawg. Whatever the case, the fact remains that OG Kusch is a fantastic strain that is easy to grow at home.

Grow your own OG Kush

Order your OG Kush seeds today and get started growing. Before you know it you have your own mature plant and can start harvesting. OG Kush is legendary, but there is nothing like OG Kush that you have grown yourself!

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