Are you just starting to grow cannabis? Or do you already have some experience, but don't have much room to grow weed? Then micro cultivation is your way to go! Read on and discover everything about this fantastic way of growing cannabis on a small scale.

Growing weed yourself is more popular than ever. There is a clear trend going on that is about growing small-scale weed. Many people like to grow a number of plants themselves, but they are so serious about it that it goes beyond the level of just a hobby. Do you recognize yourself in this? Welcome to micro cultivation! It is all about growing weed on a small scale, but also about high quality.

Cultivation of cannabis on a small scale

Cultivation of cannabis on a small scale

The trend of growing cannabis yourself is continuing. Cannabis enthusiasts want to produce their own weed of high quality, but within the resources and space, they have available. Literally, but also financially. There is also a large group of starting growers who have gained some knowledge about cultivating weed but do not yet know everything. With micro cultivation, it is not necessary to set up a complete outdoor crop, but the essence is that you set up a small micro-culture that is of very high quality. Micro-cultivation is about quality, not quantity, and we all want that, right?

A large weed garden is not realistic for everyone. Many growers do not have the space or the money to start something like this. Growing weed on a large scale is simply not for most growers among us and moreover, growing such large numbers of cannabis plants is in most, if not all, countries are illegal. The alternative is a small space where you can get the best results. And choosing quality instead of quantity is very interesting because then you need to be are very perfectionistic and you can really develop yourself. In addition, it is the ideal way for novice cannabis growers to gain experience without taking any financial risks. Suppose the harvest of a few plants fails. Then that's not so bad. But suppose you have a very large set up with a lot of plant and expensive equipment such as lights and ventilators. Then that would be pretty bad. So it is not only much nicer but also much smarter to set up a small nursery. It is much more manageable because remember, growing plants, even if there are only a few, requires a lot of work.

Which strain for micro cultivation?

With microculture, the essence is that you achieve a great deal of quality within a limited space. So the focus is on just a few plants and you start with a small number of weed seeds. Because you want small plants, it is very important to choose a good strain that stays small. Several mature cannabis strains get very big to grow through the roof. With micro-cultures you have to choose a strain that stays small and offers good quality. As a grower you want to control everything and some believe they have an amazing green thumb that can fix every grow-problem. But how a plant will eventually grow is already contained in the DNA of the seed. The height of a plant is also already in genetics. For micro cultivation, it is best to choose an Indica strain because they remain fairly short. Sativas grow to be very tall plants, so that is not handy. Moreover, they also have a growth spurt in the final phase of their growth cycle. A smart choice is also to opt for an autoflowering strain. They automatically turn into the flowering period, you don't have to do anything for it, this occurs automatically. Autoflowering strains also remain very small, so ideal for micro-culture.