The wait is over! We have a big promotion coming your way with some of our best strains. This special buy 10, get 10 for free promotion will help you dump your dodgy dealer and rocket you into being self-sufficient while saving you loads of money.

By dumping your dealer and growing your own marijuana you will gain big benefits. Imagine knowing exactly what strain and quality you are getting when you plant your own weed. Being independent will help you escape both subpar marijuana and times of no weed at all. Not to mention you don’t have to make any suspicious phone calls to get bud.

Any grower will tell you that the satisfaction you get of growing your own marijuana is worth the effort. It’s a great learning experience that will not only let you grow your own weed but also hone your skills. You alone have complete control over the marijuana you will eventually smoke, so you don’t have to worry about strange disgusting pesticides or other damaging chemicals that can be found on dealer weed circulating around.

Uplifting Experience

For this promotion, we are going to do a real crowd pleaser by offering 4 predominately Indicas strains for those of you that want ultimate relaxation. We are also offering 4 predominately Sativa strains for an energizing and uplifting experience. With so many strains to choose from anyone is sure to find their new favorite bud.

Our Indica strain, AMS Supreme Feminized, will give you a feeling of happy and relaxed. It is a cross between our famous White Widow XTRM and Critical. This cross gives you an amazing relaxing effect like no other.

The super popular Indica strain Big Bud Feminized is a favorite to many and for good reason! Its considered one of the best marijuana seeds in the world. Its massive yields and buds will impress you and your friends. Big Bud is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from insomnia and chronic pains since it has a potent effect that will slowly ease you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Caramelicious Feminized is our favorite after dinner smoke with its sweet caramel flavor; no need for dessert if you have this tasty bud. With its high CBD and THC levels, it’s a great strain for medical users that have a body high in mind.

Number 14 Feminized is a unique Indica dominant strain that is mixed between Blueberry Indica and Night Nurse. This strain is a tribute to the legendary soccer player Johan Cruijff, a world-renowned icon in the soccer world. This powerful Indica mix will knock out insomnia and you! Never will you have slept so good after a nice toking session with Number 14.

Sativa Strains

One of our most popular Sativa strains is the unmistakable AK 47 XTRM Feminized. This strain is as close to perfection as a strain can get, super potent and super high yields. The AK47 XTRM gives users a divine high with a tingling touch. Its amazing medical effects are due in part to its high CBD levels.
Another Sativa dominant strain to keep on your radar is the AMS Supreme Feminized strain. This hybrid strain is a relaxing high without the couch-lock effect. You will have a feeling of happiness as you unwind with AMS Supreme.

Bonfire Feminized is truly a remarkable strain that everyone loves. The THC and CBD levels of Bonfire are in perfect balance making it a great strain for everyday use. This is also the reason why it is medicine for anti-anxiety consumers. This predominant Sativa strain will give you strong cerebral effects that will ease you into a delicious, full-body relaxation. Bonfire is a happy smoke, making it great for social activities due to its talkative quality.

M.O.A.B Feminized strain is short for Mother Of All Bud. It is rightly named this as it has no equal. It offers everything you have been looking for in a bud. It is made with a Blueberry Indica x Chemdog crossed with Bluedream x Hindu Kush. These crossings made a powerful strain that makes you feel complete and utter happiness combined with a blissfully stoned sensation.

With these amazing strains to choose from, this is the promotion you can’t afford to miss! Now is your opportunity to dump the dealer and start growing for yourself.

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