Every marijuana user has heard of Kush. The term is known throughout the world. From people who have just started using cannabis to veterans who have been smoking for years, everyone knows the word Kush.

But what exactly are Kush strains? Where does the word come from? And what should you look out for when you buy Kush and smoke it?

The origin of Kush

Kush is actually a collective name for a large number of marijuana species from the Hindu Kush region. These strains can be pure landrace strains from that area. But nowadays there are also powerful hybrids that have been created by crossing different strains.

It is believed that Kush made his debut in the US sometime in the seventies. Today, Kush is loved by both medical users and recreational marijuana users from all over the world.

Kush strains are predominantly Indica and have typical characteristics.

The Kush genetics forms the basis of various hybrid strains on the market, including OG Kush. Kush strains are predominantly Indica and have typical characteristics.

The appearance of Kush strains

Kush strains are usually short. The leaves are usually dark green and sometimes also have purple hues. The buds are thick and covered with a lot of trichomes. The pistils have various colors, some have a rust-like color and others are bright orange.

The smell and taste of Kush strains

Kush strains often have an extensive aromatic profile. All kinds flavours and smells can emerge from it. For example, combinations of floral and earthy tones. With scents like citrus. The smoke and vapor from typical Kush strains also tends to the flavour of berries.

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