You know what trichomes are, right? It's the little things that sit on top of the trichomes. There are many cannabinoids in these small trichomes, such as THC and CBD. If you make weed small in your grinder, then a kind of weed dust remains behind, at the very bottom of your grinder? That is called kief, and it consists of a lot of those little trichomes.

Collecting kief

collecting kief

It would be a lot of work to pick thousands of those tiny trichomes one by one, right? So how do you collect those THC and CBD rich trichomes? Well, that is actually very simple, because it goes without saying. If you have a grinder with 2 or 3 chambers, all those little crystals will stay behind in the lower chamber. It takes a while before you have a substantial amount, but if you regularly use your grinder, you save a little each time. It takes a while before you have enough kief to do something fun with it, for example you can roll it into a joint.

Lots of THC

The THC-rich trichomes contained in cannabis do not bring much pleasure, but actually they are there to protect the plant. The cannabis plant that grows in the wild uses it to ward off plant-eating animals. The trichomes produce the well-known weed plant scent, thereby scaring off all kinds of enemy animals, but on the contrary it attracts insects that help with pollination.

Use a sieve to collect thief

If you want to collect a lot of Kief then you could also use a sieve. You will then need a whole load of bud. You can make a large sieve out of mesh with wooden edges around it. And otherwise you buy one, you can buy it in the kitchen supplies department for example. But it works best if you use a number of sieves that are getting better and better. The finest thief remains on the lower screen, and that is fantastic stuff. But again, you need a lot of flower tops for it.

Kief is strong stuff!

Do you smoke with a pipe? Then keep in mind that smoking kief is very intense. Take it easy with the amount you put in your pipe. It is much more powerful than normal bud. Moreover, Kief stays lit, so you keep on token from the moment it is lit. Kief does not go out, as with normal bud.

Smoking kief

There are many different ways to consume Kief, and smoking it is the most common. Suppose you want to do something healthier, Kief is an excellent option. Because it is very strong stuff, so if you put a bit of it in your joint, you are already going as high as a kite! So you don't have to smoke much to achieve the same effect. Just put a little in your joint, between the tops, so that it doesn't fall out. Again, take it easy, Kief is super strong stuff. Have fun smoking!


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