The ancient methods of consuming pot like cannabis smoking still exist, but it is the high time ganja enthusiasts try out new techniques. The curiosity has seen to it that dabbing has surged than ever before.

This could probably be because collecting nectar isn't as daunting as some people would describe it. While it could be understandable that you have a few nuggets on what a nectar collector could be, it would be ideal for debunking these details to the beginner pothead out there.

And no…we are not talking about honey nectar here. LOL. We are talking about how to collect cannabis concentrates’ nectar.

What is a nectar collector?

A nectar collector is a small, vertical, portable dab rig made explicitly for vaporizing cannabis concentrates such as wax, budder, or shatter. Mainly, there is no combustion when using a nectar collector, as it is the case with smoking grass. The main keyword here is vaporizing.

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that a nectar collector is not a vaporizer, but a device made for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. The term vaporizer in the cannabis context refers to an e-cig or a vape pen.

Most nectar collector manufacturers use glass or silicon to make these gadgets. To a great extent, this is a measure to make the customer identify the nectar collector that works best for them.

Components of a nectar collector

A nectar collector has three critical parts. These comprise:

  • Neck
  • Body
  • Tip

A nectar collector’s neck is somewhat similar to a bong’s or a dab rig’s. This is where you will inhale the vapor from.

About the body, think of it like a dab rig’s or bong’s body. You can or fail to add water depending on the make of the nectar collector (some are dry while others are wet). If it is a wet nectar collector, you have to pour some water before starting taking your vapor to eradicate the vapor’s harshness.

About the tip, it could either be made of titanium or quartz. The tip is primal for introducing heat into the nectar collector, which in the long run, vaporizes the concentrates.

Using a nectar collector

With the above details in mind, using a nectar collector is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let’s see the steps below.

1.    Select your favorite concentrates

Concentrates could be oil, budder, rosin, crumble, shatter, or wax.

2.    Place the chosen concentrates in a quartz dish

It is essential to put sufficient concentrates for a one-time-off dab.

3.    Fill the body with water

This is dependent on whether your nectar collector is wet or dry. You may skip this step if it is a dry one. In the case of a wet nectar collector, filling the body with water helps in cooling down the vapor’s temperature, filtration, and reducing the harshness of the vapor.

In the case of a dry nectar collector, it would be essential to use low temperatures to garner the benefits like low vapor temperatures and reduced vapor’s harshness.

4.    Connect the body to the tip and neck

After assembling the nectar collector, you will then need to clip them to ensure firmness and safety. See, the temperatures may go as high as 370°C. When butane gets used for heating, and the tip drops from the apparatus, and lands in your leg or arm may cause severe burns to your body.

The clips get made with the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. That said, there is no cause for worry about seeing them melting and burning you.

5.    Heat+ the tip

Heat the tip of your nectar collector to your desired temperatures using an e-nail coil or a butane torch. You can necessitate the heating through moving the flame of heat all-round the tip.

The main reason why it is discouraged to point the flame on a single spot is that it is easy to burn the concentrates or even end up destroying the nectar collector.

To know that the nectar collector is ready for heating the concentrates, you can put it just a fist away. If you can feel some heat radiation, then the nectar collector is prepared to collect dabs.

If you are a keen observer, you may also focus on checking the color of the tip. If it is reddish, then it will mean that you are ready to go ahead to the next step.

6.    Place the nectar collector against the concentrates in the quartz dish and inhale the vapor

After heating the tip and ensuring that the collector is ready for heating the concentrates, it’s the ideal time to inhale your vapor.

The heated tip will vaporize the concentrates, and thus, letting the vapor pass through the body. If you are using a wet nectar collector, the water in the body will make the vapor cool a little bit before reaching the mouth through the neck.

If, for any reason, you won't feel vapor coming through, it would mean that the tip hasn't attained the desired heat. It would be vital to put the nectar collector down and allow it to cool.

After that, allow it to cool and wipe the tip. Re-heat the apparatus once more while ensuring that the collector gets ample temperatures to necessitate a fantastic dabbing experience.

Pros of using a nectar collector

  • A nectar collector comes equipped with its needful tools. You won’t have to buy any of its parts, not unless you are doing a replacement.
  • It is small in size, and thus, convenient to carry around when undertaking some outdoor errands or visiting a friend.
  • Easy to use, regardless of one's experience in consuming cannabis. You literally wouldn't want to learn anything else about how to collect nectar other than what is written in this guide.
  • A nectar collector can easily be assembled and disassembled. That said, it gets easy to clean each of its parts.
  • It is fun to use a nectar collector. You will be exploring a different way to take your favorite pot concentrate anyway!