When thinking about clones, I imagine the sci fi horror movies in which the main character comes

across the mad scientist's lab where he has clones growing in water tanks with feeding tubes plugged up to them. Clones don't have to come from terrifying science fiction stories, but in fact, just pure, brilliant science. Cloning can really help growers produce a beautiful and uniform crop. Like with many growing methods, you will come across a great deal of pros and cons. Weigh the pros and cons and decide what is best for you.

The pros to cloning is that there is no gender confusion. Whatever sex the mother plant was, the clone will be the same sex. Because clones are already growing, they have a bit of a head start in the life cycle and can be harvested faster than if you're growing from seeds. If you raised the mother plant of the clone, then you know exactly what you are getting as the genetics are indistinguishable. Also, your clone can in the future be cloned again, giving you a long supply of your perfect plants.

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