You've probably heard of the term "flushing." Flushing is a very important part of growing weed. There are two main reasons for that. First, a number of problems that arise during growth can be solved by means of a flush. Second, a flush just before the harvest ensures that all the flavors of the buds appear, because all additives (such as fertilizers) are flushed out of the plant. Read on and discover all the benefits of flushing cannabis.

What is flushing?

water droplets on a cannabis leaf

The term flushing itself actually explains it. Flushing is actually the process of soaking your growing medium with pure water. In some cases, growers use a special solution, but in general flushing is done with clear water. You cannot avoid rinsing your cannabis plants. Whether you grow your plants organically, hydroponic or in any other way. Flushing is a very important part of growing weed plants and you really need to pay attention to this. The purpose of flushing is to force your marijuana plant to absorb all remaining nutrients that are in the soil and / or to flush away the nutrients so that the harvest of your plant is 'clean'.

Of course, a lot depends on the reason and the moment of flushing. Often, cannabis growers only flush if plants show signs of a food block or over-fertilization. In these cases, growers use a flush to solve a certain grow problem. They actually try to flush the problem. 

So, when should you flush your cannabis plant? There are actually 3 main situations in which you could flush your weed plants.

Flushing marijuana plants if there is a food block

If your cannabis plants look unhealthy and show signs of a food block, it's time to flush. Does your plant show yellowish leaves? Does it develop slow? These symptoms and an overall lack of strength are clear symptoms of a kind of food blockade. To solve the situation, it is wise to start with a flush. Try flushing, before you start adjusting your feeding doses. First rinse and then monitor the behavior of the plant. See if the situation improves, and proceed with adjusting the amount of fertilizer.

Some growers flush their cannabis plants during their growth. This is sometimes done when the plants switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase. Because the nutritional requirements of the cannabis plant change, it can't hurt to flush. By flushing you can prevent nutrients from the earlier phase from building up. Flushing is not essential, but is recommended for a more smooth transition from the one phase into the other. 

Flushing cannabis plants just before harvest

As mentioned, rinsing your plants is an important part of growing a weed plant. Even if you give your cannabis plants only light doses of organic nutrients, you still have to flush before you harvest. Because even organic nutrients affect the taste of the buds. Unfortunately, those who believe that organic nutrients do not affect the end product are wrong. All kinds of fertilizers have some influence on the taste of the buds.

Regarding the flower period, most growers use high doses of flowering stimulators. This is to increase the yield. What you give your cannabis plants during their growth cycle, you really have to wash away before you cut and dry them. The time to get rid of all kinds of additives, is just before harvest. So, if you have given your plants high doses of nutrients and supplements, you must flush them carefully before harvesting. In this way your flower tops will be free of all sorts of additives that you have given your plants.

Do you use special fertilized, organic soil? Then it is probably sufficient if you only do a flush just before harvesting. Keep in mind, not to flush such medium too much. Why should you? Thereby all nutrients that enrich the soil, will be flushed away. Of course, those nutrients are there for a reason. If your plant misses out all those important nutrients, it can’t develop properly.

When do you flush your cannabis plants? During growth, or only just before harvest?

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