Hash butter is a very popular variety of edible that is made by both novice stoners and experts alike. It's a pretty easy thing to make and is perfect for those who don't want to experience the many health risks that are associated with smoking. Hash butter can be used to make a variety of other things, such as cookies or brownies, you could even simply spread it onto some toast and munch away. Here's a little guide on how to cook your own!

Hash is totally old school and is preferred by many stoners to regular weed because it provides a different kind of high. Essentially, hash is a concentrated chunk of trichomes, tiny glands on bud that oozes THC - that can be smoked pretty much the same way as bud can. However, hash can also be consumed without having to smoke it. That's right, you can use it to make strong and delicious edibles, and it's pretty damn easy to do.

The fun part


The first thing you'll need to do to cook yourself up some tasty has butter is ensure you have all the right ingredients and tools to do the job. You'll definitely need some hash, a measuring cup, a saucepan, a whisk, some butter, and a heat proof container.

Now here comes the fun part. Step one of the recipes is to measure out about four cups of water and pour them into your saucepan over a medium temperature, you want the water to be hot, but not boiling. Whilst your water is warming up, you should be smashing up your hash into little pieces.

Stir your Hash

After the water is warm enough, place the desired amount of butter you want to use into your saucepan and turn down the heat a little. Let the butter dissolve into the water without bringing it to the boil. Once dissolved, you should add your smashed-up hash from earlier. Keep the heat low and stir in your hash, leaving your concoction to simmer for around thirty minutes though, the longer you leave it, the better it'll be, so I advise waiting as long as you can for a period up to four hours.

After you've waited, pour your mixture into your heat-proof container and place this in your fridge until it becomes solid.

And there you have it! It really is that easy.

Happy baking J

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