The terms high and stoned are often used interchangeably. But there is certainly a difference between the two. Being stoned is a very different experience than the feeling of a high. These are two completely different experiences. But how come you get stoned and not high, and vice versa? What determines the difference? We will find out in this article, so read on quickly!

The terms stoned and high are used to indicate the effect of cannabis with THC. It is the THC that provides these effects. The amount of THC that is in cannabis differs per strain. One strain can only contain 0.2% THC, while another strain can contain 20% THC. It is only 1 decimal, but a world of difference! Weed is mainly consumed for the euphoric feeling. But is that euphoric feeling a high, or would you rather describe it as stoned? Let's take a closer look at the effects of cannabis.


The feeling of being stoned is usually described as a drowsy, relaxed and mellow feeling. It is actually the opposite of an energetic high. If you are stoned it feels like everything is going in slow motion, often you feel very relaxed and lazy. You calmly join the flow. A stoned feeling can also come after the energetic peak of a high. If the high decreases and you enter calmer waters, this is also described by many users as a stoned feeling. In this case, the high changes to a stone. Of course, the way you consume influences the high that you experience. Suppose you use a THC rich concentrate or smoke a strain with a very high THC content, then the high overwhelms you and kicks in with a cerebral feeling. That can be very intense. But if you take edibles or a marijuana drink, it works differently. It takes a while before the effects can be felt. And once the time has come, you will feel stoned for a long time. This can last even up to 8 hours, so better block your agenda! There are concentrates which contain even 85% THC, this is an abnormally high percentage. If you use such a product, then the effect may be much more intense than you can handle. So be careful with products that contain such an astronomically high THC content.


get high

The feeling of high is often described as energetic and euphoric. The high normally follows a buzz. The high gives energy and a sense of cheerfulness. You experience many things more intensively and it provides inspiration. Colors become brighter, and stupid things suddenly become funny. A high can last quite a long time, sometimes up to 5 hours, depending on how much you have consumed and how strong the strain or product is. The intensity of the high depends on the type of cannabis, the way you consume it and your personal experience and physical condition. The effect of a high can be different for everyone. Some people become laughable and dizzy, others affectionate or noisy. A high is also accompanied by certain side effects, of which red eyes are the best known (and the most annoying!).

First comes the buzz

Before a true high develops, a buzz comes first. A buzz is the feeling you get immediately after the first few tokes. You feel something, a kind of euphoric feeling, and often it also triggers a laugh kick. The buzz is a kind of pre-stage of the high, but your consciousness has not changed yet with a buzz. You should see it as a kind of transition phase that, depending on which strain you smoke, can last for a while. You usually slide in your high after about five minutes.

What do you like the most? A stoned feeling or a high feeling?

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