The most popular cannabis strains

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Over time new marijuana strains have been developed through selective breeding.  These new strains have desirable qualities and have gained popularity. Some strains are most popular because of the high THC percentage. Other strains have gained popularity because of their cultivation success rate. Whatever the reason, I am going to present to you the most popular strains.

Girl Scout Cookies XTRM is a new hybrid of the original Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow XTRM. The original Girl Scout Cookies was a California native before it’s popularity sky rocketed it out to the rest of the world to create even better hybrids. This predominately indica strain will give your body the relaxation it needs. It’s high THC percentage has won it many awards. It is perfect for stress release, pain, and getting your appetite back. The Girl Scout Cookies strain will give you dense buds, however you need to be patient with her as she needs her time to fully blossom. The flowering time for this cannabis strain is 7 to 9 weeks but certainly worth the wait! If she’s grown indoors you can expect 550 grams per square meter.  Outdoors you can expect even more: 700 grams per square meter. This strain is a winner!

Classic strain that has remained popular

OG Kush is a classic strain that has remained popular for a long time and for good reason. The origins of this strain is a mystery, however, many believe it came from a female Chemdawg plant and male Hindu Kush plant. Even the name OG Kush has been debated as to what it stands for, though, Ocean Grown is a likely candidate. You’ll easily fall for this strain from tasting its delicious pine aroma, it’s subtle lemon flavor, and fragrance of evergreen needles. You’ll be impressed with its high THC percentage and all the benefits it brings. The cerebral boost it packs is sure to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. This is not a difficult strain to grow.  If grown indoors you can expect 225 grams per square meter. If you grow it outdoors you can get up to 300 grams per square meter. 

Hemp as an alternative to plastic and fuel

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Hemp is a superhero in the world of plants and many believe it can change the world. Although hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis plants they vary greatly in their THC level. Hemp does not have mind altering abilities. It is a naturally fibrous plant that provides manufacturers with an alternative to environmentally hazardous materials like plastic. 

For thousands of years people have been using hemp for diverse purposes like paper, rope, clothing,and canvas. Unfortunately, for the last 70 years this useful plant has become illegal in many countries. Today, it is legal to import hemp products into the USA, but it still remains illegal to grow. ...

Try kief for an intense high

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If you’re looking to surpass your normal high and want to fly into the clouds, look no further than the bud you already have. All marijuana buds contain kief, also known as keef, kif, dry sift, or pollen. This is the resin glands that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids. More specifically, kief is the bulbous formations that sit atop trichomes, the crystalline beauties on a flowering top that makes the bud feel sticky.

Greater levels of THC

Although marijuana without kief contain cannabinoids, it is certain that it has greater levels of THC than other parts of the plant. In fact its name literally means “pleasure and intoxication” in Arabic. Now that should certainly turn you on to trying it! We could all use a bit of pleasure and intoxication in our lives.

THC rich trichomes

We may like to believe that the THC rich trichomes in marijuana were meant for us to relish but they actually have a practical use. Cannabis relies on them to deter herbivores; when animals eat the buds it causes them to have a psychoactive experience. Thus, it causes disorientation and prevents them from eating the entire plant. The odor that the trichomes produce attract pollinating insects and deters pests....

Happy 4/20!

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4/20 is behind us and what a great day it was, here in Amsterdam we don’t hold back on celebrating.

This year, stoners from all over came together in Amsterdam for various reefer madness get-togethers.

Amsterdam 420 Festival 

The Amsterdam 420 Festival is just one of these events where you can participate in cannabis-friendly activities, pro-pot rallies, and jamming to some Bob Marley. What more could you ask for? As the sun goes down here in Amsterdam it’s not the end of your toking just yet. You can leisurely stroll into one of the awesome coffeeshops and continue your toking all night long or perhaps enjoy a midnight snack of a spacecake. I don’t like to brag, but we have it pretty good here in Amsterdam....

The temperature of your vaporizer affects your high.

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Since I started smoking I was always focussed on the type of strain I was smoking to deliver the type of high I wanted. Little did I know that my buzz was also controlled by the temperature at which I smoked. What I’m saying is that if you vaporize the same strain of cannabis at a low temperature your high will be different the next time if you vaporize it at a higher temperature. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Different highs

Vaporizers are able to create different highs because it heats cannabis up to a point where specific cannabinoids evaporate and leaves other things behind. For instance, if you want to get the most D-Limonene, a terpene with antidepressant, anti heartburn, and antibacterial properties, from your bud then your vaporizer needs to be heated up to 177 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). If you’re interested in getting the most CBD from your bud then you should be vaporizing at 160-180 degrees Celsius (320-356 degrees Fahrenheit) for this cannabinoid to reach its boiling point.

General rule

The general rule is that the higher the temperature, the more intense the high. So, if you’re looking for a mellow experience in which you can still get your daily chores done, then opt for a lower temperature....