The place 3 of well-known cannabis strains is for cannabis ruderalis. This genetic type is less known than cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, but ruderalis is also a fantastic plant and has a lot to offer to the cannabis enthusiast. The great thing about Ruderalis is that the plant remains very small. Usually cannabis ruderalis stays under 60 cm. In addition, it grows many side branches. Ruderalis has a strong, fibrous trunk that remains fairly thin. For a long time, Ruderalis has been less popular because the THC content is not that high, but in recent years the popularity has increased, because most Ruderalis strains do have a lot of CBD, and the popularity of CBD has grown enormously.

What is cannabis ruderalis?

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis has a long history behind it. 'Rudera' is the Latin name for cannabis Ruderalis, and the plural in Latin is Rudus. The translation thereof comes close to mess and rubble. This is probably due to the fact that Ruderalis used to be often associated with weeds, Ruderalis is able to survive all kinds of adverse and harsh weather types. The species still has this tough character today. And for growers who grow in circumstances that are far from ideal, that is a big advantage. Cannabis Ruderalis actually grows in all circumstances and in all places. Suppose there is an ecological problem, cannabis Ruderalis will be the first plant species to start growing again, it has an incredible urge to survive. It has happened that entire vegetation disappeared due to forest fire, mining, deforestation or an avalanche. And which plant species was the first to emerge again? Right, Cannabis Ruderalis. Most other types of cannabis are originally from Asia, central Asia, or more from southern Asia. But Ruderalis comes from areas where the weather conditions are much stricter and harder. Research shows that the origin of cannabis Ruderalis lies in areas of Russia and also at the foot of the Himalayas. These are areas where many plants would have a very tough life and probably would not survive. In terms of genetics, the Cannabis Ruderalis spectrum lies between Sativa and Indica.

The fact that Ruderalis is less popular than cannabis sativa and cannabis indica is mainly due to the composition of the plant's genetics. Because the content of THC is so small for most Ruderalis strains, this species is often not cultivated for recreational purposes. But Ruderalis does have a high content of another cannabinoid, and that cannabinoid is still gaining a lot of popularity: CBD. Since CBD has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, Cannabis Ruderalis has again become more visible to cannabis cultivators. The medicinal qualities of this cannabis subspecies are praised worldwide and for medical users Ruderalis is a species that is widely used.

Ruderalis, a strong autoflowering strain

Ruderalis cannabis has a lot to offer in the field of cultivation. Ruderlis species are often used to cross with other strains to optimize the properties. Ruderalis is a species that remains very small. And if it is desired to stay small, then Ruderalis is the appropriate weed strain to convey those traits. The growing period and the time from germination to harvest that Ruderalis has, are also used to optimize other species. Ruderalis is a genetic branch of cannabis that is often used by growers when crossing different strains.

The genetics of ruderalis

The genetics of ruderalis form the basis of many different autoflowering strains. Ruderalis is the king of autoflowering. Cannabis Ruderalis has really had a lot of influence on the whole range of autoflowering strains that are available today. With that, Ruderalis has had a major effect on the entire cannabis market. In fact, cannabis Ruderalis has turned the cannabis market upside down, because the arrival and development of autoflowering strains have really changed a lot in the world of cannabis.

The other cannabis strains, Indica and Sativa, need a change in the amount of light in order to begin flowering. This change in the number of hours of light works as a kind of wake-up call to start the flowering period. In fact, they must be forced to go into flower. However, it works very differently with autoflowering cannabis Ruderalis plants. They do not need a change in the light cycle to start the flowering period. This makes it possible to grow very efficiently and productively, and as a grower you have much more control over your plants.

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