Every smoker knows that smoking causes bad breath. This is also the case with smoking weed, but you can do something about it. Read this article and discover why smoking weed gives you bad breath and check the tips to prevent it.

How do you prevent bad weed breath?

bad breath

The disadvantages of smoking weed are not often mentioned. In fact, you mostly hear about the positive aspects of smoking, about the euphoric feeling and the relaxed atmosphere. But there are also quite a few disadvantages, and one of them is that you get a bad breath. And yes, unfortunately, weed is partly the cause of this.

So how does the so-called weed breath arise? Well, that's a bit of a physical process. It starts with THC entering into a reaction with the receptors and body cells. This has an effect on the salivary glands, and that is where it goes wrong. Do you know the effect of the cotton mouth? Of course you know that. That is because less (too little) saliva is created, we also call that xerostomy. Is that bad? It is so when you consider that it is precisely saliva that keeps your mouth clean. Saliva is actually the mouth cleaning service. But if there is too little detergent (just to make a comparison) then bacteria and food residues that are present in your mouth cause dirty, bad breath.

You really don't have to be scared and from now on breathe in your hand all the time to make sure you don't stink. You will always keep it a bit when you smoke weed. The effect on the breath can never be completely prevented. But there are certainly a lot of ways to limit it. If you notice that your mouth is getting dry, then it is time for action. This is in fact the sign that not enough saliva is produced, thanks to the THC.

So check these tips and save others that they are saddled with your bad breath! Make sure you always do these tips, make it a routine. Then you'll reduce the chance of bad breath, and you will also benefit when you do not smoke weed.

Oral hygiene

It is important that you regularly remove all food residues from your mouth. That is the biggest reason for unpleasant mouth odor. You can feel it coming ... brush your teeth well, preferably 3 times a day, rinse with mouthwash if necessary, and don't forget to floss. Hey, your dentist couldn't have said it better! There are also special products for sale that claim to take your weed breath away. But there is nothing better than a thorough brushing with your toothbrush.

Edibles or vaping

Smoking through a pipe, bong, or blunt causes the most chance of bad breath. While the chance of unpleasant weed breath, due to eating an edible or using a vape is very small.

Smoking a joint is probably in the first place, because most smokers also add tobacco, and that is also a major cause of bad breath. Tobacco leaves tar in your mouth and a pipe or bong leaves oil and the residue of the weed in the mouth. If you use a vape, there are hardly any residual particles in your mouth and vaping doesn't cause a cotton mouth. But if you really want to be 100% sure you won't have a bad weed breath, then you have to consume cannabis by edibles. Edibles ensure that you will not get any combustion residues because there is no inhalation.

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