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White Widow Seeds

A globally-known phenomenon, cannabis lovers everywhere unite regarding White Widow. A potent Indica-dominant hybrid, the famous White Widow strain, and seeds offer a unique balance, with bursts of both energy and euphoria.

There’s a lot to love about the famous worldwide strain, but it also has a rich history. So let’s look in-depth at the strain, White Widow’s origin story, where to find the best White Widow seeds, and everything in between.

What is White Widow?

Though it’s spread across the globe now, White Widow was first bred in the heart of Amsterdam. In fact, it’s all too common to see the variety at the top of many a Dutch coffee shop menu.

And with good reason — White Widow seeds are certainly a favorite. With a strong taste and powerfully memorable effects, there’s much to learn about the strain.

Is Black Widow the same as White Widow?

Think of the two strains as sisters or twins rather than exact clones. While Black Widow has the same genetics, as it’s a phenotype of White Widow, it expresses different physical characteristics. So don’t expect the famous white weed from White Widow if you get the Black Widow variety instead.

Is White Widow a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid?

White Widow is a hybrid, but it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid. Most varieties of the strain measure 60/40 or 65/35 for its Indica/Sativa ratio.

, Unlike most Indicas, the plant does grow tall — something good for growers to keep in mind. Meanwhile, Indica strains that lean more heavily into the Indica side are often shorter and thicker.

White Widow’s THC content

Every White Widow variant will vary in its THC level. For example, our varieties stand strong with 23% or more THC. Of course, a strain’s THC content also relies heavily on the growing process involved. Under the appropriate growing conditions, White Widow can have a THC level of 26% or more.

What is White Widow best for?

While anecdotal, for now, there are some studies on medical cannabis patients and certain strains’ individual effects on them.

For example, some patients report that White Widow helps manage fibromyalgia. More specifically, the strain helps ease some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Likewise, other patients report White Widow as an excellent painkiller.

Everyone is different, so it comes down to each user on what White Widow can work best for.

Another study examined the patterns of medicinal cannabis use among patients with arthritis, headache, migraines, and chronic pain. White Widow was among 42 different preferred treatment strains reported by patients.

What does White Widow taste like?

What can you expect the potent Indica-dominant to taste like? Many versions of the strain, including the original, often have a piney, earthy flavor. Others, like our White Widow regular seeds, also include a hint of citrus. Still, others, like our White Widow XTRM regular seeds, are more robust, with peppery, spicy, and even woody depths of flavor. In the end, it comes down to personal taste. So, what does the White Widow strain taste like to you?

White Widow terpenes

Typically, the White Widow cannabis strain is most abundant in myrcene. However, it’s made up of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

These combined terpenes provide the unique flavor and aroma of White Widow. Its abundance in myrcene is what delivers the earthy scent that White Widow gives off.

Overall effects of White Widow

Now for the fun part — what is there to expect from the cannabis strain? What effects can users enjoy when White Widow seeds are harvested and ready for consumption? Again, everyone is different, so you’ll need to strain yourself to see what effects it hits you with. However, many users report similar effects, so we can give you an idea of what to expect.

As an Indica dominant strain, White Widow can leave a user feeling completely relaxed. The Sativa side, though, provides a remarkable mood boost. In short, it provides the best of both worlds in one strain, as many users would agree.

Depending on the day and variety of White Widow you smoke, users feel a surge of energy. With it, you’ll feel full of vitality with a dash of euphoria. Some users get social or talkative, while others feel the creative urge.

Finally, many users encounter a serious case of munchies with White Widow, so be prepared! Some highs may even deliver mild psychoactive effects, a rare bonus for cannabis strains.

White Widow genetics

In the 1990s, White Widow was created from a pure Brazilian Sativa landrace crossed with a southern Indian Indica hybrid. Since its original debut, White Widow went on to win the 1995 Cannabis Cup and gained worldwide notoriety. After winning the Cup, White Widow gained its way into many a favorites list. Now, it’s won more cups than any other strain!

With our White Widow strain, crafted from the master breeder Relaximo, the goal was to improve upon the original. Our packets of White Widow seeds are our top sellers for a reason!

Or, look at our White Widow XTRM variety. The genetics for this White Widow version was born and bred in Amsterdam. We can confidently say that this is where the famous strain first saw the lights. The high is potent, and the taste is unforgettable.

Is White Widow difficult to grow?

One of the best parts about White Widow is how easy the strain is to grow. Resilient and capable, the plant can grow just about anywhere. In fact, it’s one of the top recommended strains for inexperienced growers.

Even if you’ve never tried growing a plant before, you’re likely to have luck successfully growing this crop. Don’t forget that it still packs a punch as a potent plant. First-time smokers, beware!

For all growers’ preferences, White Widow has options. White Widow XTRM is available as regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds. Likewise, our original White Widow variety is also available in feminized, auto-flowering, or regular.

Though White Widow does grow tall, it doesn’t grow as tall as most Sativas. She’s short and bushy, especially if grown indoors. Germinating the seeds is the easiest part. Note that the growing part can occasionally have a more moderate difficulty level. Be sure to follow our cannabis seeds germination guide to get it right every time.

Growers can expect White Widow strains to take 8 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Most of our White Widow seeds take 8 to 9 weeks.

And the harvest yield? White Widow can yield up to 350 grams per square meter indoors or up to a whopping 550 grams outdoors! It can grow up to 60 centimeters inside or up to 170 centimeters outside. The key is ensuring the strain gets enough sunlight, warmth, and nutrients to thrive no matter what climate.

Best place to buy White Widow seeds

Finally, you’re likely wondering where to find the best, most reliable, high-quality seeds. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds stands proudly as one of the world’s longest-running, well-known seed banks. We guarantee more than just high-quality White Widow seeds. All of our seeds have a 90% germination guarantee. For growers that follow our grow guide, there’s a 100% guarantee.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we’re honored to offer various types of White Widow strains. As it’s one of the world’s most popular strains, it deserves to be offered in multiple variants.

Each deserves its spotlight, so look at each below. Perhaps one resonates more with you than the others. Maybe you’re after the most potent or the one that’s easiest to reproduce. Whatever your goal, there’s a White Widow strain that fits it.

Regular White Widow XTRM Seeds 

Then, there are White Widow XTRM regular seeds. The biggest difference is that our XTRM strain has been optimized for increased yields and better growth characteristics. Effects can include but aren’t limited to, feeling creative and happy. Some users may even experience mild psychedelic effects.

Feminized White Widow seeds

The feminized version of the original White Widow cuts out some of the work for you. All that’s left is to enjoy the potent strain.

White Widow XTRM Feminized Seeds

While White Widow XTRM feminized seeds may not be the best for crossbreeding, they’re certainly great for growers that want a wild high. The effects are so powerful there’s a reason that White Widow is such a top seller.

White Widow Supreme feminized seeds

Finally, White Widow Supreme feminized seeds help leave a big smile on your face. Uplifting, this feminized variety maintains the parent’s characteristics, including the earthy and piney notes.

White Widow XTRM autoflower feminized seeds

White Widow XTRM autoflower feminized seeds have a THC level of between 21% and 23%. However, they make up for it in flowering time. The seeds are ready to harvest after just 6 to 8 weeks. Compared to most other White Widow varieties, it’s the fastest growing and still yields between 550 and 800 grams.

White Widow autoflower feminized seeds

White Widow autoflower feminized seeds are similar to the XTRM version. With a flowering time of just 6 to 8 weeks, it’s a solid choice for the impatient grower. Likewise, autoflower varieties are a great option for those that want less maintenance in their growth process.

WHITE WIDOW XTRM Marijuana Seeds

White Widow XTRM ® Regular Seeds

  • THC level: 23% and up
  • Yield: High Yield
  • Effect: Creative, Happy

(US) $ 75

White Widow Regular Seeds

White Widow Regular Seeds

  • THC level: 23% and up
  • Yield: High Yield
  • Effect: Energetic, Relaxed

(US) $ 60

White Widow Feminized Combo Pack
Save(US) $ 25

White Widow Feminized Combo XL

  • THC level: 23% and up
  • Yield: High Yield
  • Effect: Creative, Happy

(US) $ 150 175

White Widow Feminized Combo Pack
Save(US) $ 25

White Widow Feminized Combo

  • THC level: 23% and up
  • Yield: High Yield
  • Effect: Creative, Happy

(US) $ 100 125

AMS White Widow 25th Anniversary Combo

AMS White Widow 25th Anniversary Combo

  • THC level: 21 - 23%
  • Yield: High Yield
  • Effect: Body-Stoned, Happy

(US) $ 125

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