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Skunk Seeds

The Skunk strain family descends from a legendary line of marijuana plants. You’ve likely heard of one or a few — Skunk Supreme and Super Skunk might ring a bell. If not, then you’re still in for a treat as we learn about everything potent Skunk seeds have to offer.

When it comes to cannabis, you obviously have options. For example, with our seed bank alone, we offer plenty of picks to choose from. So, then, how do you know our Skunk weed is the best kind? Well, everyone is different, so it very well might meet your exact needs.

Let’s take a dive today to indulge in some facts about the infamous Skunk bud. Which type of it is the best? Where does it come from and what does the strain look like? Better yet, what makes this type of cannabis lineage so unique?

First, we’ll answer some of the more frequently asked questions we get about Skunk. Then, we’ll jump in further with our favorites, the top sellers, and the easiest ones to grow in our lineup.

What is Skunk Weed?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘skunk weed,’ but where does it come from? Well, its origins may have different roots depending on the nation. In the United States, for example, the meaning is derived from everyone’s favorite, stinky liquid-spraying mammal, the skunk.

Something ‘skunky’ is denoted as a good kind of ‘stinky’ in the cannabis realm. An old-school marijuana reference, at this point, the term ‘skunk weed’ is often used to describe the smell associated with weed.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the word appears to have taken a different context altogether. Media in the UK refers to any high-THC variety of cannabis as skunk, regardless of its genetic heritage. It’s widely used in the UK as a generic term for seedless, non-pollinated marijuana.

So, for some, ‘skunk’ is simply a synonym for cannabis. Unfortunately, this generalization is highly inaccurate. It also helps to undermine the true genetic identity that Skunk possesses.

In reality, the Skunk strain dates back to the 1970s, an independent variety all its own. In the USA, growers bred tall, potent Sativa strains with short, mountain hashish strains from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Later, the result was appropriately named Skunk #1. It was the first skunk stabilized as a true breeding option. Today, it continues to be one of the most predictable and consistent strains available.

What does skunk weed look like?

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Our Favorite Types of Skunk Seeds

Now that we know more about the origins of Skunk cannabis, let’s list some of our all-time faves. You may or may not recognize some of these names, while others might stand out as brand new. Either way, we hope we can open your eyes to some of the best the Skunk family has to offer.

While we go through our list, pay attention to which Skunk strain stands out to you. Maybe you want to know which type of Skunk marijuana is the easiest to grow. Or, you might be searching for the most resilient type that can survive harsh conditions. Maybe you’re after the most potent one. Regardless, we’ve got all the answers right here in store for you.

Skunk Supreme (Feminized)

First up is our feminized Skunk supreme marijuana seeds. A cross between Critical and Super Skunk, you’re in for an immersive, relaxing effect across the body. Many find this variety to be the perfect solution to stress and body pain, while others use it to sleep better at night. Versatile, some even find that the high from Skunk Supreme puts them into a state of euphoria and excitement.

While it’s an Indica-dominant, it’s only 60/40 Indica/Sativa, so it shares some Sativa traits, too. You’ll notice that Skunk Supreme grows tall in height. At a yield of 550 to 800 grams per plant, you’re in for a plentiful harvest. The flowering time is just 8 to 9 weeks, making it ideal for multiple harvests a year in the right environment.

Super Skunk

If you’re looking for a resilient side to Skunk weed, look no further than Super Skunk. Our autoflowering Super Skunk seeds are virtually indestructible for a grow. The strong skunk flavor and aroma are undeniable, but it’s resistant to bugs, and pests, and can grow just about anywhere.

Think of Super Skunk as our Skunk 2.0, reformed in many ways for an even more amazing yield that novice growers can handle, too. In fact, Super Skunk is infamous as a 1990 High Times Harvest winner, beating out Skunk 1 indefinitely.

We cross an Afghan strain with Skunk 1 to create this Super Skunk concoction. Bred to perfection, you can look forward to calming but uplifting effects.

You can also expect a yield of up to 500 grams per plant, making it an easy pick for both newbies and experienced growers alike. Plus, its flowering time is only 6 to 8 weeks, making it an ideal candidate for multiple harvests a year.

Super Skunk (Feminized)

Finally, we finish out our list strong with the feminized Super Skunk seeds. The feminized version of our autoflowering mastermind, there’s still plenty to love about this Super Skunk. Ideal for beginners, this classic Skunk strain is resistant to diseases and mold, making it easier to grow.

The whopping yield for this feminized Super Skunk weed is up to 500 grams indoors, and up to 800 grams per square meter outdoors. Tall and weighty, your harvest is sure to be plentiful regardless of where you grow.

At a 65/35 Indica/Sativa ratio, you can enjoy the uplifting sensation and body-stoned high from Super Skunk. With a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, it’s a great choice for many growers across the globe.

Which is the Best Skunk Cannabis?

We’ve learned all about Skunk here today — and, of course, we don’t mean the animal. There’s a lot to love about marijuana, especially when it comes to Skunk weed. But which Skunk strain is your favorite?

We recommend trying out each of our Skunk seeds to see which you prefer most. Once you find your groove, you may discover this cannabis family is your favorite to explore. Easy to grow and potently powerful, there are so many reasons why users love it!