In the Northern Lights strain, you will find the perfect balance of 11 different genetics from various strains that find their origin on the west coast of the US. This particular strain is predominated by a sweet, tropical Indica. This makes for a delightful aroma and a very relaxing high.

Northern Lights Xtrm ® Autoflowering Seeds

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THC Level 15 - 20%
Indica / Sativa 70% / 30%
Yield Up to 500 gr / plant
Height Compact
Flowering Time 7 - 8 weeks
Effects Euphoric, Pain Relief, Relaxed
Flavor Herbs, Sweet, Tropical


The reasons why this plant is so immensely popular are the high THC levels and its CBD content of around 3%.

This is by far the top of the cannabis culture, and according to many experts and cannabis specialists, is said to be unmatched! The autoflowering seeds of the Northern Lights strain give you the plant you really want. In spite of, and due to, her powerful American heritage, the plant often leaves a lasting impression. This is mainly due to her Indica genes that come to their full advantage so extortionately and completely in this strain. When the plant is ready to harvest the plants will often grow more than a meter high.


Northern Lights is also characterized by its long steals that take shape between the open spaces in the plant. Halfway through the flowering period, you will get to enjoy this exceptional plant with its hairy and super sticky buds which will be very recognizable at the end of the flowering period because they swell in all directions. Northern Lights seeds give you the best plants. Need some help growing? Read our Grow Guide.

With its thick crystal covering, high yield, and mind-blowing effects, you can assume to get nothing less than the very best for the discerning grower! Take a trip with Northern Lights XTRM. Order your Northern Lights seeds now.

The Best Flavors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is northern lights autoflowering?

Yes, the Northern Lights strain has an autoflowering version. One of the factors that set apart the Northern Lights autoflowering strain is the relatively short flowering time, ideally between 7 and 8 weeks, and its high potential to grow to massive indoor and outdoor yields without depending on the lighting schedules.

When to harvest northern lights autoflower?

Since the Northern Lights autoflower has a flowering cycle of between 7 and 8 weeks, the best time for harvesting will be counting for at least 7 weeks from the onset of flowering and a maximum of 8 weeks. After that, check if the buds show the signs of maturity before you start harvesting your yields.

How to grow northern lights autoflower?

To grow the Northern Lights autoflower, begin by germinating the seeds in your most preferred method. After that, we recommend that since this is an autoflower, it’s best if you transfer the germinated seedling to the final pot where your plant will grow from seedling to harvest. Ensure that you adequately water the plants and feed them well. Our grow guide is handy for this.

What does northern lights smell like?

The Northern Lights strain smells like dank weed and the aroma is highly pungent. Northern Lights scent is one of the most unique and even when growing the aroma is pungent and piney. The buds are aromatic as well and this makes the combination of the Northern Lights scent and the piney flavor suited to each other.

When to flush northern lights autoflower?

Since the Northern Lights autoflower strain has a limited time to grow, the best time to flush is from at least the last 2 weeks of growing, specifically when the buds turn to amber color. You can start flushing your Northern Lights auto from the 5th flowering week so that before the plant hits 7 weeks, you are done.

How to grow northern lights autoflower outdoors?

The best time to grow your Northern Lights autoflower outdoors is during the mid or late summer. After you have germinated the seeds, transfer the germinated seeds to the final pot where these autoflowers will grow to maturity. Expose these plants to 8 hours of direct sunlight and provide them with sufficient water.

Does northern lights auto smell?

Yes, the Northern Lights auto strain smells like some pungent piney dank weed. When growing, Northern Lights auto is low-odor and as such, the buds start smelling intensely with the proper formation of the buds. It’s, however, easy to get used to the smell of this strain, which can make you feel like it doesn’t have a strong scent.

Is northern lights auto easy to grow?

Yes, the Northern Lights strain auto is easy to grow. It is one of the toughest strains against growing nuisances such as unregulated temperatures and some fungi. Being one of the most forgiving weed seeds, you cannot go wrong with growing the Northern Lights autoflower strain if you read and implement our grow guide.


Customer Reviews

NL XTRM autos Review by Michael (Posted on 5/6/2022)
I'm 6 weeks in and she's looking beautiful biggest auto I've grown so far very pleased with a.m.s already grew a blueberry 420 n smoking now very happy with that as well
AMS is terrific. I have gorgeous plants will full yields. Review by Timothy (Posted on 2/18/2022)
Hello Amsterdam. I am a brand new grower. Got my bathtub filled with 10 plants and 4 foot grow light. Since 8 weeks ago I harvested 4 plants that grew beautifully. Got one ounce yield per plant. ANYONE can autogrow. Stop paying for weed. I've grown AK-47, JAH and Northern Lights. They all grew beautifully. My $100 Amazon grow light is the reason these suckers grow so well! My mother wants me to plant tulips next....she thinks I'M TALKIN to Holland spread the word. These guys ship fast as hell and there seeds work! I have been passing your website to everyone I know. Be confident. You can grow it! Tim from New Jersey USA
Blown away by the timing Review by D Williams (Posted on 1/27/2022)
Just got my auto Indica pack today. Lights xtrm, habiba and big bud auto with 5 free widow fem. Can’t believe how quick it got here! I ordered mid December, and here we are, inclusive of holiday season and the fact I’m in Australia. Very, very pleased and can’t wait for my beautiful soil to arrive so I can start with the mighty northern lights strain. Super keen from previous lights experience through indulgence, and now to master it myself and reap the rewards with what looks like a great strain from you guys. Can’t wait. Thank you for a timely service AMS!!! Will certainly recommend and be purchasing again.
Reliable Review by Josh (Posted on 8/16/2021)
This is my 2nd time growing the N.L. Auto, and with a few years time in between, the seeds are still relialble and vialble.
4 stars: good service, well treated Review by Dave (Posted on 2/18/2021)
Very happy with purchase ordered northern lights planted 3 all came up. Suggestions: It would be nice to know what the free seeds are so if I liked one I would know what to order. Planted 3 only 1 came up. Still very happy with order.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by raybo (Posted on 2/18/2021)
Northern Lights extreme automatic is the best auto I've ever seen massive yield and super HIGH quality taste expands in the lung shipping is a little pricey so order a lot ....well worth it.

1 free seed femonized and with a name rather than 30 free and not feminoized
6 plants yielded over a pound and a half indoor Review by Sdrodbuster (Posted on 2/16/2021)
12 day delivery everytime 100% germination rate Ive run Blueberry 420 auto twice now Northern lights xtrm twice now And a Happy outdoor auto pack that 6 plants yielded over a pound and a half indoor . Cant ask for a greater Bank . Much recommended
Best Review by John (Posted on 6/11/2019)
Quick, courteous, discreet, lots of choice and fair prices.
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