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Chronic autoflower strains represent a big percentage of cannabis strains widely researched for their therapeutic effects in humans. This particular strain has been improved over the years to optimize yield and harvest quota. Extensive research and testing have shown that Chronic auto is a perfect recipe for a cannabis-derived therapy.

Chronic Auto-flower genetics

Chronic is a very advanced and world-renowned plant. It was born from a mix of Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47. It was developed with the first two in 94; the AK-47 was added to increase its buds and raise the level of THC. We are looking at a plant of the highest quality.

What are the effects of Chronic Auto-flower?

The Chronic effect will be a relaxed high, and you will feel it immediately after smoking.

If you are a newbie, take it easy and start with strains with lower THC levels so that you can enjoy them and take full advantage of the incredible properties that these beauties of mother nature have to offer.

What does Chronic Auto taste like?

You will not only be amazed by the incredible effects of this beauty, but it will also captivate you with its delicious taste. Prepare yourself for a sweet honey flavor with floral and spicy touches. Without a doubt the richest medicine in the world.

Strain characteristics

It is a 70% Indica dominant hybrid. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels of this strain range from 20% to 30%, with an average of 24%.

With easy/moderate growing difficulty, the Chronic auto-flowering variety will be a good choice for all levels. You don't have to be an expert grower to get a good yield from this wonder of nature.

Chronic auto strain serves you huge sticky buds characterized by its exquisite flavor. After harvesting, experienced cannabis farmers thoroughly dry the harvested product to chiefly retain its signature scent. If you cultivate it in an enclosed cabinet indoors, it fills the house with an aura that your visitors will surely appreciate.

Flowering time

The flowering period will be quite short as the flowering time will be between 6 and 8 weeks.


The plants will reach a height between 75 cm (2.5ft) and 125 cm (4 ft), depending on where you grow them.


Production will be between 450 Grams (16 Ounces) per 1 m2 (11 ft2) if you grow it indoors and550 Grams (19.5 Ounces) per 1 m2 (11 ft2) if you grow it outdoors.

THC Level Up to 20%
Indica / Sativa 70% / 30%
Yield indoor Up to 450 gram / 15.9 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 70 cm / 28 inch
Grow difficulty Easy, Moderate
Seed Type Indica
Effects Relaxed, Pain Relief, Uplifting, Euphoric
Flavor Sweet, Spicy, Peppery, Flowery
Plant size Compact
Flowering time Fast (6-10 weeks)
THC Average THC
Climate Temperate, Warm Dry, Mediterranean
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