The whole discussion about whether or not to legalize weed is very interesting to follow. In recent years it has been a hot topic in many countries and states in the US. Canada has also made a major leap forward in the field of legalization. Although it seems that the whole discussion has only been going on in recent years, the legalization of weed has been going on for many time in some parts of the world. It often flares up every once in a while. Regulating whether cannabis can be sold and how it can be sold has been going on for 4 centuries now.

Legalization issues

Despite the fact that discussions have been taking place in some parts of the world for such a long time, and despite the fact that many concessions have been made in this area, the legalization of weed is still a subject of resistance many governments and legislators. Internationally, there are also major differences, even within the US there are States that have completely different regulations than other states. In some states, people believe that marijuana should be legalized on both a recreational and medicinal level. And others think it should only be legalized for medical purposes.

Legalize it? Check this list of reasons why you should vote 'yes', and form your own opinion!