When potential growers start looking into the wonderful world of growing marijuana and buying seeds to start their crop, I understand that terms like autoflowering, regular, and feminized seeds can leave you looking at the computer screen with a blank stare. Once you know the difference between the seeds you can easily make the decision about which one is right for you.

Regular marijuana seeds are oftentimes the cheapest seeds you can buy. While in the seed stage, it is impossible to tell if the seed will produce a male or female plant. Only after you get to the flowering stage can you identify the sex of your plant. Pollinated female plants will generally produce a ratio of 1-to-1 for female to male seeds. This means that you have a 50 percent chance that your seeds are female or male. So, when you start germinating your regular seeds you should always germinate a few extra seeds to account for the fact that you will have some males in your crop that you will throw out.

You would want to buy regular seeds, as opposed to feminized, if you were planning on breeding cannabis to produce new seeds. If you're not going to breed your plants then it may be worth it and buy feminized seeds to save you the effort and hassle of dealing with male plants that could potentially ruin your female crop.


Feminized seeds are sure to give you nice dank, sticky buds we all love because the plants are assured to be female. Only with a grow room full of females can you get sinsemilla.

Feminized seeds are grown exactly the same as regular seeds. You can grow them indoors, outdoors, in soil, or hydroponically. Any which way you prefer. Additionally, feminized seeds generally give you more uniform plants than regular seeds.

Seeds that are feminized are created to exclude male chromosomes. There are certain ways to activate a female plant to create feminized pollen. This feminized pollen is used to pollinate a female plant in which will start producing seeds. Because the pollen was feminized then the seeds produced from that pollen will also be feminized. Don't wreck your brain too much, it's just nature's way to take care of breeding when males are not around.

Seeds that are feminized remove the worry of having your seeds pollinated by males making growing a bit less stressful and less complicated. Also, you don't have to germinate extra seeds knowing that you will end up discarding several plants that you have been nurturing from your crop because they are male. You can germinate as many plants as you will want to grow.

24 hours a day

Last, but not least, you can buy autoflowering seeds. These seeds will give you smaller plants that are great for growing outdoors. They are called autoflowering because they are not dependant on the hours of daylight nor the change in season to start flowering. They automatically flower. Normally, marijuana plants will flower at the end of summer as the days become shorter and they get less sunlight. This is because marijuana plants know that they need to mature before winter starts. Autoflowering plants differ in that they will flower even if they get light 24 hours a day.

Autoflowering plants flower on their own from 2 to 4 weeks. From germination to harvest the whole process of these plants only takes about 60 to 70 days! One of the only downsides to autoflowering plants is that, because they are so small, you also get smaller yields.

Also, take note that you can buy autoflowering feminized seeds. These are great for beginner growers. With these seeds, you can reap the benefits of a fast harvest without the hassle of identifying the sex of your plants.

Now that you know the distinction between all the different types of seeds you can confidently decide which kind is right for you.