You can get high in all kinds of ways. But one of the most effective and also one of the funniest ways is by hot boxing. You have probably heard of hot boxing or have done it together with your smoke buddies. The principle of hot boxing is very simple. You light a joint (or even better: several joints) in a tiny space. The smoke cannot escape from the room, so the entire room is filled and you breathe in more of it. Hotboxing is not only an effective way to get stoned, but also very pleasant. It often produces hilarious moments because you are locked together in a small space. After all, nobody can leave the room, because then the smoke would escape. With so many people loaded up in a small space, it guarantees craziness. But we must warn you in advance: you must be a bit careful. Take care of each other. As you understand, hotboxing is not the safest way to get high. Read through this article so that you are well prepared.

What is hot boxing?

man smoking in hotbox and a lot of white smoke

As mentioned before, hotboxing is smoking weed in a small, enclosed room. It can also be done in the car, many people do it there too. After all, a car is also a small, enclosed space. Don't forget to close the car windows! It is also important with hot boxing that there is no ventilation. It works best when there is no wind. Many stoners love to get high through hot boxing. In such a small space you breathe in a lot of smoke and a high concentration of carbon dioxide is created. As noted earlier, this does not really make it the safest way to get stoned. But if you do it occasionally, it can't do much harm, and it can be very entertaining. It's a fun and crazy experience, especially with a bunch of friends. This is because you are all stuck in this tiny space together, very cozy! However, it is better not to make a habit of hotboxing, and to do it only on special occasions, for example.

This is how hotboxing works

There are still people who doubt it, or who claim otherwise, but it is true: with hotboxing you really can get a lot higher. But the reason why it makes you higher is different than many people think. Most people assume that it is because there is much more smoke, and thus you breathe in much more smoke. But the real reason why you get higher is because there is less oxygen in the smoke-filled room. So an oxygen deficiency arises, and your brain doesn't get enough oxygen either. This lack of oxygen provides an extra kick on top of the normal effect that you get from smoking weed. You understand that the room must be airtight, really nothing may escape. Moreover, it must be a very small space, such as a small bathroom, a small kitchen or even a closet.

And there is another important condition for making hot boxing a success. The space must be completely filled with drinks, snacks and bites. Really don't skimp on this. Do you know why it is so important? Suppose someone gets a dry mouth, or the munchies strike, then you can't just open the door and walk to the kitchen for a bag of Doritos and a coke! All smoke would disappear through the doorway. Say goodbye to your hot boxing effect! That would be a shame. Keep in mind that when you have started hotboxing, so as soon as the first joint is lit, no one can open the door (or a window) anymore. Just sit tight, and enjoy the ride!

So what exactly is needed for a successful hot boxing session? Not much, really. But there are a few important points of attention. To start with, you invite all your stoner friends. If you say you are going to be hot boxing, your house will probably be full of friends in no time! So that's settled. What then? Make sure you have as many joints as possible ready. Prepare well, and roll whether your life depends on it. A single joint is not enough. Not enough smoke comes out of that. Make sure that everyone who participates has a big blunt, and light them at the same time. Produce as much smoke as possible, so that the entire room will be completely covered in a THC-rich dense fog.

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