Are you a stoner, looking for a way to have fun with your friends? Then you should read this. First, it is about certain terminologies used in these marijuana streets. Of such a term is hotboxing. What is hotboxing?

Hotboxing is a popular pass-time in the cannabis community, which is best enjoyed in a comfortable spot with close friends, music, great weed, and plenty of munchies. It requires a good amount of weed to generate a lot of thick smoke.

When you are hotboxing, you essentially create a low oxygen environment by filling up a small space with a lot of smoke. That is why it’s done in a confined place. By staying in that place for long, you essentially begin to “rob” your body oxygen, which is what produces that extremely powerful “high.”

Smoking dried plant material such as weed or tobacco will expose your body to a number of toxic substances. These are not healthy for your body. Although there has been no scientific study into the adverse health effects of hotboxing, it’s good to do it in moderation.

Hotboxing Rules

Having understood what is hotboxing, it’s good to understand the guidelines discussed below.

 man smoking in hotbox and a lot of white smoke

Having understood what is hotboxing, it’s good to understand the guidelines discussed below.

Be respectful – We already know that cannabis has a potent smell and hotboxing has a way of making that smell remain in the room for a while. For this reason, it's best not to hotbox in spaces that belong to people who wouldn’t appreciate the activity.

Know what is needed- Always keep in mind that oxygen is needed in your body, so keep it at reasonable levels to avoid feeling woozy or light-headed

Hotboxing may not really get you high, but that doesn’t mean smokers won’t enjoy it. The most important thing to do is to be mindful of your surroundings.

How to Hotbox

  1. First, you will need great weed. Whether you like Indicas, Sativas, or hybrids, make sure, you grab a good amount of high-quality cannabis. Remember you’re going to roll more than one joint, so it's good to have enough weed.
  2. Secondly, find a nice, confined, and comfortable space. Cars are the best place to hotbox since they have comfortable seats and a stereo to play some great tunes. Just don’t drive afterward, it’s risky and illegal.

Whether the grass is legal or nay in your country, sometimes you deserve a bit of privacy. You can invite your friends to hotbox from any of the following areas: 

  • Garage
  • A blanket fort
  • Shed or greenhouses
  • Wardrobes
  • Bathrooms or toilets
  • Tents

Getting prepared

The key to a successful session is planning. It is important that you scout the perfect location, supplies, time, and group of people to invite ahead of time.

Choosing a location

As mentioned earlier, you can technically hotbox in an enclosed place, but some locations are definitely better than others. Your location comes in handy with what you have access to, but it's good to keep an eye out for a location that will be private, comfortable, have seats for everyone involved, and preferably have a window for airing the space afterward. This will help you enjoy and chat without worrying about the smell or noise.

Many of us will choose cars for hotboxing despite the major drawbacks to doing it there. First, the smell will linger in the fabric, and the effects on the driver may leave them impaired. Secondly, if you do not air your car properly, you might end up being pulled over the next day.

At this point, you’re trying to figure out the best place to hotbox. Well, two places are unique in terms of privacy, cleanup, and experience. You can choose to visit a friendly cottage. This can be great since being in the great outdoors ensures you have privacy. Choosing an upper bathroom in your house can also be perfect. If the room has a window, this means a group can gather and air out the room afterward.

Get creative, and you will have many quality spots to choose from.

Gather your supplies

For the hotboxing to be effective, make sure the room is sealed and that people are prepared to settle in for a while and allow the smoke to take effect. You will need enough weed to ensure space is filled; otherwise, you will be disappointed in hotboxing if the "High” is not achieved.

Joints and blunts form the real deal to fill the room quickly with smoke. You can easily have a few going around in the room. We mentioned earlier what is hotboxing. For that reason, you need to invite your friends who can bring along a variety of strains for all of you to try.

The effect

Hotboxing is great for each and everyone who wants to try a prolonged high. It works to increase the experience from second-hand and first-hand smoke. It also increases the carbon levels in the blood.

A recent study has shown that hotboxing works. Even if you are in the room and not smoking directly, you still experience the effects of a high and even fail a drug test.

These effects are caused by the lack of oxygen. In some cases, this can lead to dizziness increasing the feelings that come along with consuming cannabis. While this is fun, it can be dangerous at some point. Be sure not to overfill the room with smoke. Besides, ventilate or exit the room whenever you feel dizzy.

Since hotboxing is a group-smoking activity, it can lead to some of the best conversations you will ever have with your friends.

Things To Remember

Hotboxing is one of the riskiest ways to smoke with your friends, especially if it’s illegal in your area and you have concerns about being caught. However, it’s a different and interesting way to try smoking.

Your location is very important. Always choose a private spot where the noise and smell won’t become a problem.

Avoid places where the risk of getting caught is high and also remember to clean the place before leaving. Fabrics will have a stronger smell after the session. Anyone who sees you immediately afterward will know what you were up to. You don’t want people to look at you in a suspicious way. Change your clothes before going out.

Remember, being prepared, comfortable, and having all you want makes it more likely that all participants will have a great experience.

Final thoughts

At one point or the other, a stoner will try hotboxing with their friends. It’s something worth trying at least one time and can help you experiment with your intake or try some new strains from your friends.

Try to keep everything learned in this article in mind to ensure it is the great experience you’re hoping for.

I believe now you clearly understand what is hotboxing and you’re ready to spend your weekend or evening in style.