We've all been there. You just scored some first class weed and are more than ever ready to roll an awesome joint. But when you search your bag and pockets, your grinder is nowhere to find.

Recognizable situation, right? But do not worry. There are more ways to grind your stash. Whether you are at home, or smoking somewhere outside.

Use your hands as a grinder

One of the simplest and oldest ways to grind your cannabis is to simply tap and press it with your fingers. Make a bowl-like shape from one hand. And take the tops apart with your other hand.

No grinder? Just use your hands to grind your weed!

There is something to this method. Because you use your fingers, the resin will also stick to your fingers. The tops of good quality marijuana will have a thick layer of trichomes, and the THC is in those trichomes.

So make sure you have washed your hands. Then after grinding you can scrape your hands clean with, for example, a key, spoon or credit card. What is left behind is actually hash and you can smoke it in a joint or a bong.

You literally have the hash in your hands

The oldest method of making hash is actually by rolling the tops between your hands and collecting the resin in this way.

Why not collect the resin in the first place? After all, it contains a lot of THC.

If you prefer not to have the resin on your hands, roll them over paper first. If you choose to do this, use paper that does not stick too much. But why not collect the resin in the first place? After all, it contains a lot of THC and you can use it in all kinds of ways.

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