If you buy a grinder the first decision you need to make is whether you want a two-part, a four-part or something else. A two piece mill is the easiest option. You turn the top part to grind your weed, and the part at the bottom collects the bud for you. Easy does it!

Different cannabis grinders

Such a grinder is made of sturdy material and can grind a lot of weed in a very short time. They can be a bit messy, though. A good grinder is essential for good smoke, because it breaks up your buds into very small pieces and therefor you get the most out of your grass.

cannabis grinder

There are also grinders for sale which have extra layers (chambers) to catch the tiny bits of the kief your bud produces. Such a grinder is perfect because you can separate and collect all different parts of the weed buds from each other. You can save all the tiny bits and after a few weeks you can put it all together in one awesome mega-blunt.

Which grinder to choose?

When you choose a grinder, choose something that is fun and convenient. Some grinders are even transparent so you can see the bud as it grinds. How fun it that!

person grinding cannabis

Size is also something to think about. Do you need something compact? So you can discreetly use it and take it with you. Or do you need a bigger grinder that will grind more product with less effort?

Another thing people like to do is focus too much on a grinder that ginds electrically. These devices may be too good and grind the weeds too finely. You don’t want that. A manual grinder gives miximum control.

Just browse the internet and see what kind of grinders are out there. It’s easy to find a grinder that suits you. Some smokers may say that grinding your buds isn’t that important, but it is one of the most overlooked parts of weed smoking. It really is worth taking the time to find a decent grinder.

If you buy some awesome grass, just don’t fuck it up and ruin the experience for yourself and whoever you smoke it with.

What kind of grinder do you prefer?

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