Stoner movies have taken their place on the screen ever since the 70s. Since cannabis has become more accepted and mainstream, more stoner comedies have appeared.

Prepare for an evening of laughter, eating, smoking, more eating, and more laughing. Get your munchies ready and binge-watch these all-time favorite stoner movies.

The Big Lebowski

You know why: the dude. Nuf said. But alright then, this movie also has other things to offer ... crazy humor, bizarre characters, and a strange plot. Let's go bowling! Go on this weird adventure with a Vietnam veteran and a crazy old hippie.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

This film is a typical case of 'so terribly bad that it is good again'. While watching this movie, you start grinning just as dirty as Butt-Head. A redneck thinks the two are assassins. He offers them 10.000 dollars to fly to Las Vegas to kill his wife. They trip hard on LSD in the desert and especially the end of the film is epic. "Ghehehehehehe".

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Let's be honest, all Harold and Kumar's films are gold. But especially this one. These guys blow themselves completely crazy, get food kicks, check out fast-food chains and come across a morbid raccoon. They have a blast with huge bags of weed. And last but not least: they ride a cheetah. This is the life.

This Is The End

This movie is a completely different genre. You will slide from one amazing moment to the next. In this adventure, you'll end up at a legendary house party with James Franco. On the guest list are among others: Rihanna and Emma Watson. Prepare yourself for booze, latex, Kush, and earthquakes. Party like there's no tomorrow!