Many unanticipated activities have characterized the year 2020. It is the year when the Covid-19 exploded across most parts of the globe and made it a pipedream for stoners to take the pot in crowds. Secondly, social distancing, isolation, and lockdowns have made it quite impossible for anyone to keep on visiting friends, extended family, and acquaintances to take pot communally. This means that every pothead has loads of free time at their disposal and that devising means to stay lively during all these periods is inevitable.

Thankful, there is something new to explore for most wannabe and experienced stoners – stoner games. There would be no reason to get bored while there are games made for stoners by stoners. You shouldn’t at any time worry about finding stoner games to play while high. This is so because we have composed an entire guide to help you in being entertained all through.

Let’s see the top 25 stoner smoking games to play and up your high. Note that these games should be played with caution to avoid the contracting of coronavirus 2020.

1.    Last Man Standing

Also called the Smokeout, the Last Man Standing stoner game involves competing about the participant who will remain awake after the others start taking unanticipated naps. The central concept behind making this stoner game sees to it that one will not be able to take any other puff anymore, thus the name Smokeout. Primarily, if one is not in a position to take any other puff, he will undoubtedly drop out. Dropping out will mean that you have lost. The last person to be left standing will then be the winner.

The game can be played at any time of the day, depending upon the available weed strains and what the players agree. If one opts to play during the day time, then Sativa strains will be ideal. For a night time game, then Indicas will be excellent. 


2.    Seven Tokes to Infinity

The experienced stoners best play this game. The rules could be hard or straightforward, depending on how fast or slowly the player understands. In this game, the usage of a one-hitter bowl and bong is a must. Nonetheless, you can have more than a one-hitter bowl, but the bong should be one.

The game is typically exciting because after taking the first hit, it is impossible to take a breath other than the bong rips until finishing seven bowls. Of the seven tokes, you have to hold each for 2 seconds or so, cash every other bowl, and clear every pull in a single hit.

The winner becomes the stoner who completes the 7th bowl without choking. In case more than a single stoner finishes the 7th bowl without choking, the tie can get broken by the stoner who completes the 8th after the longest without choking. That is how the winner gets determined, is respected, and given the agreed prize.


3.    Keep a Straight Face, Stoner

As the name implies, this game is all about remaining stone-faced. Essentially, you are not allowed to smile at the moment when everyone gets as high as a kite. If you keep a smile in your face, one has to be penalized as per agreed before starting the game. The whole idea is that you shouldn’t smile at all after taking the favorite.

Nonetheless, there is no reason to fear taking severe penalties as the penalty gets determined by the participants themselves. It could be as simple as taking a dab or any other excellent penalty that can get done by every participant.

4.    The Band Name Game

Here, the participants sit in a weed-related circle. The first player in the circle mentions the name of a musician, musician performer, band, or a pop group. The very participant then forges ahead, takes a toke, and passes it over to the second participant. The second player, therefore, must mention a band name that starts with the last letter of the band mentioned by the first participant.

If, for example, the first participant said Beyonce, then the second participant may mention a star like Elton John. The circle goes on, and remember, the player holding the joint as at that particular time has 10 seconds to figure out an answer. Failure to fathom a band name will lead the participant to crock a toke. Crocking a toke means kneeling on the surface while facing the head down, taking one toke while breathing in, and standing up. While breathing in, the participant has to put their hands behind the head and lean back as if taking a yawn.


5.    Name that Tune

This is a relatively easy stoner game. A participant comes up with a somewhat obscure tune and expects the others to name it. The other participants in the weed-related circle can research about the same tune online in the quest to determine the name. If the results prove futile, then the participants that have not gotten a response from the team to become the winners. The reward when it comes to playing this game is taking a toke. The participants who get the correct answer get a toke while the participants who have not gotten a response from the other participants get a toke as well. It then becomes the turn of those who have correctly answered to ask the members to name a tune.

6.    Tokin’ Obstacle Course

Depending on how one sees it, this stoner gam could be hard or easy, but the fact is that it is a dangerous one. To play it, you need a living room with chairs, blankets, and pillows to set an obstacle course. On the same course, toking equipment has to be used. These could be nectar collectors, bongs, pipes, and bongs. The reason why we are saying that this game is somewhat dangerous is that time is the most considered factor here to crown a winner. The participant who completes the obstacle the fastest is crowned the winner. The reward in the game is getting crowned as either a King Toke or Queen Toke.

7.    Baseball

You most undoubtedly know much about playing baseball. It is the same concept in this stoner game. The point is sitting in a circle and rolling a fat joint or blunt, taking a hit, holding it, and waiting until the joint comes once more to you. You lose in the game if you cannot hang on to the hit anymore. The games get played until only one (wo)man stands. The one who has stood out the most then waits out in preparation for the next game, which in this case is the final. The other participants take another turn of a hit, and when another person stands out, they go-ahead to compete with the first winner. The prize in this game is the Grand Slam Winner.


8.    Strip Choker

This game starts from coming into a consensus with every other participant and ensuring that they are comfortable. The goal is not to choke or even laugh when participating in this stoner game. Everyone here must have their joint or pipe and sit in a circle—light up that joint or pipe. The person who ends up laughing or choking will have to remove a piece of clothing. Before the end of the game, there will inevitably be someone who will be sitting there completely naked. This game is utter fun, especially when every pothead is comfortable.

9.    Marijuana MacGyver

How creative are you? Do you want to be left with a tangible object after stoning? Then this is the ideal game. Here, each player can use anything available in the house to make a smoking piece of equipment like a smoking utensil, homemade bong, or pipe. The winner happens to be the pothead who gets the highest number of votes for making the best ganja smoking piece of equipment. Every other participant should then go on and try out the bong for a minimum of one bowl. The winner and the other participants can then keep their homemade bongs.


10. Never Have I Ever

In this game, you ought to have sufficient herbs. You should have some few joints rolled, have with you some pipes, and of course have some friends to enjoy the grass. The first person should then make the statement “Never Have I Ever…..” and then add some other words to that phrase. For instance, Never Have I Ever taken alcohol. The person who has ever taken alcohol in that group will then will take a toke. The next person to the left of the one who has taken a toke then goes ahead and makes their statement “Never Have I Ever…” and the play continues. This game sometimes gets referred to as Don’t Judge Me But…The concept is all the same, but there is a change in the conversational style and depends on the type of what the crowd wants to say.

11. Medusa

There are different varieties to explore in Medusa, and it gets played the best when there is a large group of potheads. Nonetheless, this game has easy-to-follow rules. Everyone should have their joint and sit in a weed circle. The participants look down on their feet. One of the members then counts 1 to 3, where each player stares up and checks on another. Looking at someone who isn't looking at, you mean you are on the safe side. Conversely, if you look at someone who is looking at you, you have to shout "MEDUSA!" The person who gets caught out must take a group blunt. This goes on until everyone has their joint lit and stops at the time when everyone is equally stoned. 

12. Jamaica Jammin’

A separate joint for every other stoner in the game has to get prepared before this game starts. The song sang by Bob Marley, and the Wailers (Jammin’) then has to put on. At the very moment when Bob Marley says Jammin, everyone has to take a hit. This is not all. When the other band singers say Jammin, another hit has to be taken, too. Before the song ends, there will be a time when everyone will take some four hits within 4 seconds. This game is utter fun for the somewhat experienced stoner.


13. The Lighter Toss

In this game, potheads take numerous turns while tossing their lighter forth and back on the back of the hands. To make this game even more challenging and funnier, you can go on and take a single step backward after every other pass.

14. Ash bomber

You will need a few components to enjoy yourself in this exciting and anguish-causing stoner game. Some of those comprise:

  • A blunt or a joint
  • A rolling paper
  • Rubber band
  • Penny
  • A wide-mouthed cup or jar.

Using the rolling paper, cover the mouth of the jar secure around using the rubber band. Place the penny in the middle of the paper and light the joint. Each player will then take a toke, hold some smoke in, burn a hole inside the paper, pass the joint to another pothead and exhale. Importantly, each player has to burn a hole in the rolling paper before passing the joint over. If one participant makes the penny fall, then they are the loser. It is then up to the participants to determine how to penalize the loser.

15. Traffic Lights

The goal in this stoner game is upping the number of hits by one before every other stoner passes the hit of weed over. The point is, one should take the first hit and pass it over to then next stoner. As the second turn comes, you have to take more amounts than you did for the first time. The process goes on and on while increasing the quantities. It is, however, worth mentioning that you have to hold the last hit before your other turn comes. In the longest run, you will be more high than you probably have ever been before. 

traffic lights

16. Bong Pong

Here, players try their level best to bounce a ping-pong ball in a cup of alcohol or water. If the ping-pong ball ends up landing in a cup, the person who had made that shot takes a bong rip. If the game was getting played using beer, then the stoner gamers may decide to use it as the reward.

17. Wasted Places

This game is mostly similar to Band Name Game. However, instead of using the names of bands, countries, continents, states, and cities get used. For example, the first stoner may mention Asia. The stoner to the left will therefore be expected to mention a continent that starts with the last letter of Asia, which is in this case “A”. Each player has 10 seconds to figure out a name, and if for a reason they fail to, then they will be subjected to the agreed punishment.

18. Stone, Paper, Scissors

This stoner game is best played by a small group of two or four. However, this is not to say that a large group cannot. One of the stoners throws their choice of stone, scissors, and paper, and the participants play on an elimination basis. The elimination goes on and on until the winner gets to take their hit.

19. Cards against Humanity

This stoner game can get bought online or at physical stores. It can be best played as a joint of weed gets played along with the other games.


20. Green jack

Green jack has no much difference with the famous blackjack poker game. The essence in this game is seeing the poker cards adding up to 21. Not more, not less. The reward after playing this exciting game is ganja. The players near to the winner (21 poker cards) get three tokes or one depending on the number of the close winners.

21. Honestly

As the name implies, this stoner game heavily relies on honestly. To start, the stoners holding a loaded bong or instead a pipe gets asked questions about themselves by the other participants. The opponent should be faced directly with a challenging question such that answering the question truthfully may prove daunting.

22. Mentioning Marijuana

The essence behind this fantastic weed game is watching a TV show or a movie and waiting for anyone who mentions marijuana in any way. This game wouldn't be funnier than when watching a stoner movie or a ganja documentary. However, it is any other movie; then, you may decide what theme will make you take a hit. For instance, the stoners may agree when watching an action movie that they will take a hit when there is a fight.

23. Ghost that hit

Beginner potheads find this stoner game the most exhilarating. The name in the details that you have to hold a toke for such long that no smoke can get seen on the exhale. The whole idea is in taking a hit and holding it in. The stoner then passes it over and doesn’t exhale until the weed comes back to them. The process should be repeated until only a single person can hold a toke during the whole smoking session. That is the high time when the winner gets determined.

24. Cannabis Categories

This game requires every other participant to think critically and fast. Each gamer sits in a weed circle, where the first picks a category and their favorite letter. The category could literary be anything – from weed to food. For example, when one mentions a category like a grass strain starting with B, the other person to pick the same category and letter, takes a hit.

The weed gets passed to the person sitting on the left side, and they get allowed to mention something in the same category and starting with t5he corresponding letter. If the second person fails to figure out the answer, then they ought to take ten tokes. More than two wrong guesses then warrant the change of the category and the letter.

25. The Wheel of Tokers

Some preparation ought to be done before participating in this game. Now that a wheel has to be used, it could be homemade or better purchased. In essence, the wheel should have different sections. Turns while spinning the wheel should then be made while performing the actions, as mentioned in the wheel's sections. Everyone should pass out so that the game can get considered complete.

 What is your favorite stoner game? Let us know in the comments! Are you looking for other ways to spend time, watch some of the top stoner movies