Rolling a joint is not difficult, at least not for most people. But how does smoking work exactly? What are the mutual agreements if you lit one up? Let's take a closer look at the so-called stoner etiquette. Some unspoken social rules apply to stoners all over the world.

There are a number of agreements about smoking a joint within the cannabis culture. You will not be thrown in jail if you do not stick to it, but it is just nice if you observe them. That is because stoners are quite a tight club, with their own rules and behavioral norms.

As mentioned, it is not the case that you are thrown into prison if you break these rules. But you don't want to look rude either, do you? Or spoil the fun. If everyone takes each other into account, and follows a few simple rules, a smoking session will be much more relaxed. That way no unpleasant surprises arise and everyone will be ying and yang!

Who rolls the joint, determines

rolling a joint

First, you must respect the rights of the person rolling the joint. That sounds pretty serious, but just do it. Look, the one who rolls the joint is also the one who sets it on fire That is an unwritten rule, which you can of course deviate from in consultation with each other. The person in that role can also let the honor go by and give the joint to someone else to light it. The point is that the person who takes the initiative is the first to get the first toke.

Puff, puff, pass

Participate in a smoking session according to the principle of puff, puff, pass. Anyone who participates in a smoking session should know about this. You take two tokes, and then you pass on the joint (or pipe). That's how it works in the US, Canada and many more parts of the world. In Europe, that rule is less strict. Here you decide for yourself how much you smoke (a little, not the entire joint!) And then you pass it on. It is important that you do not get stingy and greedy, take other smokers into account. Sharing is a beautiful and important part of the cannabis community. Of course it also depends on how many people participate in the smoking session and how large the joint is. As long as you ensure that everyone can enjoy it. Smoking together is a fantastic experience, so let the good time roll!

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