Many cannabis users find the scent of weed very tasty. But not everyone can appreciate the typical smell. Are you looking for a way to hide the scent? Then the simplest solution is to smoke in a place that doesn't bother anyone. Outside in nature, in a remote location. Or in a place where other cannabis users come together.

Use weed in a smoke-free way.

But if you just want to enjoy cannabis in your own home, there is another solution. For example, you could opt for a smoke-free way to consume weed.

Most people still consume weed by smoking it. That way is still the most popular around the world. However, in recent years many ways have been added to use weed in a smoke-free way.

Use edibles

The most common way of consuming weed without smoke is through the use of edible products. It is also great fun to make edibles yourself.

Use a vaporizer

Another way to use marijuana without smoke is through a vaporizer. Vaporizers are very effective in masking the penetrating cannabis smell.

Vaporizers can be filled with weed products that release only little smell. Moreover, there are many products available that have nice scents and various, delicious aromas to choose from. This makes vaping a really good alternative to smoking, where you actually burn your goods and probably use tobacco too.

Research also shows that vaping is the healthiest way to consume cannabis.

Research also shows that vaping is the healthiest way to consume cannabis. In the first place, it is very hygienic. And secondly, you do not breathe in the toxins that are released when you burn and smoke cannabis or tobacco.

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