There are different categories of cannabis, of which cannabis ruderalis is one. Compared to the other categories, cannabis Ruderalis has always remained a kind of subordinate species. That is actually undeserved. Most cannabis ruderalis varieties have very powerful genes and in particular, the auto-flowering varieties are very strong. Read on, because there are many more features that you might not have known about Cannabis Ruderalis. And perhaps this new information will ensure that you choose a Ruderalis strain next time.

After all, the great thing about cannabis is that there is a lot to choose from. All strains remain basically the same, after all they all come from the same cannabis family, yet the effects they produce can be very different, and that is also a very personal taste. Maybe you do not like an extremely strong high, or maybe you are looking for medical properties, or perhaps you are looking for both. It is therefore recommended that you continue to vary a little with different weed strains. If it's just to find out what you're missing!

Cannabis ruderalis characteristics

cannabis ruderalis

Everyone knows cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. These two are the best-known categories that every cannabis user around the world knows to come up with when you ask them what types of cannabis do exist. Even if you do not consume weed, you have probably heard of Sativa and Indica. They belong to two different genetic groups and they therefore have different effects. Anyone who uses cannabis will be able to indicate the difference between the use of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. There is also a lot of difference in the appearance of these two types. Sativa plants grow into very tall slender plants, they can easily grow up to 3 meters. Imagine that you are going to grow indoors, you will need high ceilings! So it's better to grow them outside, they also have very long, thin leaves. Sativas give an energetic high, so they are good strains for daytime us, if you need energy to work, or as a boost if you go into town all night. And then you have the indica, which is actually the opposite. An indica is much smaller than a sativa, does not have such long leaves, but rather short and broad, and is more suitable if you want to grow indoors. Instead of an energetic high, indica's are more likely to have a relaxing effect and therefor it's used more often to chill on the couch.

If you are looking for a certain effect, it is useful if you know a little about how the different types of cannabis work and what their effects are. Due to the popularity of Indica and Sativa, you would almost forget that there is another cannabis sub-species that also has a lot to offer, and that is indeed ... Cannabis Ruderalis.

Autoflowering plants

Cannaibs Ruderalis changed the cannaibs scene with the development of autoflowering strains. The flowering period of autoflowering plants start automatically, as the name indicates, between 2 and 4 weeks from the start. This genetically determined aspect is believed to stem from the fact that Cannabis Ruderalis has its origins in areas where summer time is short but there is daylight between 22 and 24 hours a day. This is an extremely long period. Cannabis Ruderalis is het king of autoflowering strains. Autoflowering strains have led to major changes for home growers and for hybridization. The time between sowing and harvesting has been made considerably shorter, and the amount of light this species needs is less precise. Cannabis Ruderalis is a fantastic strain for starting growers, but also for experienced weed growers Ruderalis has a lot to offer.

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