As a cannabis consumer you probably have at some point considered growing your own crop. Home cannabis cultivation has become much more popular since new cannabis laws have come into place. More and more states are offering some forms of cultivation provisions and if you live in one of these states then why not pick up growing as a fun hobby. Even if you never grew anything in your life besides a beer belly there are enough resources nowadays that will teach you how to grow a decent marijuana plant.

One of the most obvious reasons why you should start growing your own weed is that you will have an abundance to consume for yourself.  No more desperate trips to the dispensary hoping they are still open or that they have your favorite bud in stock. At the end of harvest you will have kilos to consume. If you have friends that also grow then it is fun to share and trade some of the harvest. Don’t feel like you will be restricted to only growing in the summer. Plenty of home operations take it indoors to have a steady supply all year round.

Do it yourself

You know the saying if you want it done right, do it yourself. Growing your own marijuana plants will put you in total control of the cultivation process. So, if you want organic bud then grow organically. If you desire hydroponically grown bud, then go for it.  You will be the master creator. This may be especially important to those that are concerned with the having pesticides, fungicides, or other chemicals on their bud. Those that are consuming marijuana for medical reasons may have weakened immune systems where it is more important that they consume high quality clean marijuana. You don’t always know exactly what you are getting if you buy cannabis, especially on the black market therefore growing your own bud will be the best way to go.

Growing your own marijuana will give you the freedom to explore different strains that is not readily available in your area.  I’m sure you’ve read rave reviews about a strain only to find out that your local dispensary doesn’t stock it. So, the only thing to do then is to buy the seeds online from a reputable company like AMS and to grow it yourself. You have a access to hundreds of different strains when you buy your seeds online. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. When you grow your own weed not only can you smoke the bud but use the plant to further create awesome tinctures, edibles or concentrates. You can use so much more of the plant than you probably thought. This even furthers your investment when you started growing your own ganja. It is also a fun way to experiment with your crop.

Although you will have to put up some money to get your operation started, you will essentially save money in the end. Depending on your budget you can go as basic or professional as you would like.  Growing marijuana really fits any budget. You many need to start very small and basic but with experience and a harvest or two later you will be able to expand.

Resources have really expanded

The resources you have at your fingertips to learn to grow marijuana has never been better. Since growing your own cannabis at home has become legal in so many states the resources have really expanded. Growing communities sharing tips are very common in those states. You can even enroll in growing school if you wanted. You no longer have to visit sketchy websites to look for information or to order growing tools. The resources are almost limitless. Now you have books, websites, forums, magazines, podcasts, and so much more resources to choose from. It’s great.

By now I am sure you are convinced that you should pick up growing as a hobby.  You are probably sitting at the edge of your seat anxious to put your green finger to work. Now is the time to do it.  Go forth and prosper. You won’t regret it as it will be an amazing learning experience and at the end of it all you will be happily sitting next to your kilos of bud with a joint in each hand.

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