What To Do When You're Too High On Marijuana

No one has ever died from using too much marijuana. But if you’re not sure about what to do when you get too high on marijuana, please consider these pointers: stay relaxed, call a friend, watch some TV, or sleep it off.  If you’re too high and you’re reading this article, hopefully, this article helps and comes as some relief. 

It is possible to “green out” — to use too much marijuana to the point of dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. In such cases, you’ll be OK as long as you hydrate and stop using marijuana (and any other drug or alcohol).

Whether your body buzz has started way too hard, or your cerebral thinking has escalated into intense paranoia, read on for some ways to relax when you’re too high on marijuana.

Stay Relaxed

Please remember that you’re not going to feel this way forever. The effects of marijuana typically take around three hours to leave the body, although concentrated preparations like edibles or shatter can last anywhere from 6 to 10 hours.

If you’re overwhelmed by paranoia or anxiety, try to relax by focusing on breathing. Even when your mind is going crazy and you’re sweating a lot, it can be reassuring to feel yourself breathing (fresh) air into your lungs and then slowly exhale, all at your own rhythm. Get to a safe place if that's possible, and never forget that you still have full control over your respiratory system.

Call a Friend

Call a friend, but not just any friend. Call a friend that you’d feel entirely at ease with even when sober. Best would be a friend who’s experienced with marijuana and knows what you’re going through at that moment. Meeting that friend in person would be great, but a call or a text is also good. Tell him or her your situation as best and true as you can. Ask your friend to remind you of some shared memory or an inside joke, these kinds of things will help you get back from the green zone!

Netflix and Chill

if possible, watch some TV. More preferable, watch some light TV shows, like cartoons or sitcoms or comedies. Please avoid horror movies and thrillers!

Head for the Kitchen

Drinking some fresh lemon juice helps. Lemon juice is high in terpenes, the compounds responsible for the smell and flavor of marijuana strains. Terpenes are also the psychoactive building blocks that help determine the nuances of a high.

Basically, a quick hit lemon juice can bring you back down to earth by slightly tweaking the formula that got you too high on marijuana in the first place.

Sleep It Off

If you’re at home and your bad trip looks a lot like grogginess, put on some PJ's, flip off the lights, and get in bed. Your brain will thank you later!