Weed strains for a beautiful spring day

These cannabis strains will help to make a sunny spring day even more beautiful. They have a positive effect on your mood without blowing you away and have you couch-locked or completely baked.

The strength of a certain weed strain has a different effect on everyone, but these strains are fairly mellow. It is all social strains that take the edge off so that you can easily socialize and make contact with others.

These weed strains ensure coziness and spontaneity, just as spring should be!


Pineapple Express sends you directly to the tropics! This strain is a balanced combination of a powerful White Widow, with Limoncello Haze, with Strawberry Ice, with Ruderalis genetics.

Pineapple Express is the perfect cannabis strain to laze around on a day off. Pineapple Express cannabis is a simple strain to grow yourself. With high yields of large, sticky, sweet buds. Like!


The peppery taste and the fresh accents of lemon will put a smile on your face all day long. Amnesia Trance provides a wonderful buzz that stimulates and energizes.

This popular strain makes the most beautiful spring day even sunnier!


Do you have an appointment with friends? Why not introduce Cappuccino 420 to the party? It is a sweet, coffee-like strain. The taste has something of freshly roasted coffee beans that you will taste for a while.

Cappuccino 420 helps you get the most out of spring, whether you use weed for recreational or medicinal purposes.