Corona Weed

As weed usage continues to gain approval by many states and federal agencies in the US, there is a reason for users to beware of the taking weed from public places. This is important, especially now that the highly contagious Coronavirus is spreading fast, with many nations warning its citizens to take precautionary measures.

As COVID-19 continues to cause fears and panic among many nations across the globe, weed users are cautioned to be wary of using weed from populated places. Apart from avoiding the consumption of weed from public joints, cannabis users are advised to take several other precautionary measures that will guard them against the Coronavirus.

Weed Vs. the Corona Virus – the Dos and Don'ts

The first and foremost piece of advice cannabis users are asked to do is to avoid sharing blunts, joints, and bongs. It is reasonable to believe that sharing some form of cannabis such as bong is perhaps the perfect way of taking cannabis. 

However, now that Coronavirus is taking a toll on the people who have fallen victim to this 2020 COVID-19 epidemic, there is a need to avoid certain practices that would otherwise be seen as those that promote love.

Because of the fear of spreading the virus, now than any other time, it is not only essential but healthy to stay indoors. If one is forced to take cannabis from a public place, sharing would not be the best practice for now.

  1. Wash your hands as frequently as possible

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus is China early this year, many governments, in collaboration with international partners, have asked people to wash their hands as often as possible. The practice of washing one's hands is not starting with the outbreak of COVID-19 alone.

Everybody should wash their hands as often as it is necessary. It is especially important to thoroughly clean one's hands before and after eating food or drinking anything. Washing one's hands should also be the first thing before handling cannabis in any of its forms. 

  1. Avoid rumors spread on social media on weed vs. the Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, a lot has been said about COVID-19. While much of the information in the public domain is true or does not speak against COVID-19, some info is not accurate. 

For now, researchers across the world are doing all they can to find the COVID-19 vaccine. Until now, no single country, agency, or individual has confirmed to be closer to finding a vaccine or cure for COVID-19. Any meme about CBD oil or any cannabis product claimed to have curative elements on COVID-19 don’t get backed up by pieces of research. 

CBD oil is known to be a powerful remedy against certain conditions such as controlling seizures, headache, acting against body part inflammation, and relieving nightmares, among other conditions.

  1. Do not get close to people suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus

Unless proven through thorough laboratory investigations, it is hard to say someone has a Coronavirus ailment. Instead of treating everyone as a suspect, it is vital to avoid getting too close to people who have endless dry coughs, have a high fever and other related signs while you encourage the person to seek medical help fast.

For now, the known symptoms of COVID-19 are coughs, fever, shortness of breath, and anyone who may have had close contact with a Coronavirus patient or conformed case should be considered a suspect even if the person does not show any signs.

  1. Do not wear facemasks carelessly

Since the start of Coronavirus, a lot has been said about ways of preventing COVID-19 from spreading to others. Wearing of facemasks is one of the preventive measures CDC and other health regulatory agencies have asked people to put on.

What was meant to be used by health practitioners who are handling COVID-19 patients has turned out to be a facemask used by anybody who thinks they are doing all they can to prevent the spread of the virus. 

According to the CDC, patients who are already infected should wear masks to prevent them from infecting other people. Health workers, too, should wear facemasks because they have a responsibility to take care of the patients.

If anyone is working at a high-risk area such as along the border, airports, and other exits and entry points also get advised to put on facemasks. Above everything else, CDC says, "Washing hands regularly will significantly reduce the chances of spreading not COVID-19 alone but also other airborne diseases."

  1. Quarantine yourself

The question of self-quarantine is an exercise of maturity rather than fear. It is what you are supposed to do when taking whatever form of cannabis. For now, as long as there is no viable cure for COVID-19, you need to buy your marijuana and take it from your home. 

Besides, if you see the signs and symptoms mentioned above, you can self-quarantine yourself and inform a doctor as fast as possible.

Remember, too, that the federal government, respective states, and organizers of various public events are canceling gathering and events. Cancellation is affecting business, especially the tours and travel, hospitality, and hotel industry.  However, business should stall for some time if that can help combat the spread of COVID-19.


Does weed kill the Coronavirus?

Before you get the answer to that question, look at this tweet by Vivek Agnihotri, a renowned filmmaker. "Breaking News: Weed kills Coronavirus," Vivek wrote on February 8, 2020. To make t

  • he tweet look authentic, Vivek presented it with a 'news broadcast' background, something that boosted viewership. 

    Within a short period, the tweet received millions of clicks, impressions, and retweets. It remained a trending tweet for many hours.

    Away from Vivek's tweet and as weed usage continues to gain unprecedented approval by many US states, the truth of the matter is no research or scientific proof that weed kills the Coronavirus.