Rapallo s cannabis infused cuisine

The Whiff of the Unexpected

In the dreamy, sun-soaked land of Rapallo, nestled between the azure sea and the mystic mountains, there is a trattoria that carries the effervescent spirit of an old, jolly hippie named Giuseppe. An ageless soul, with an unruly mop of silver hair, twinkling eyes, and a heart full of stories that flow as effortlessly as the Barolo in his vineyard, he was a fascinating spectacle.

Ah, his trattoria! A pandemonium of aromas and flavors, where the local specialties were as rich and varied as the dialects of the region. Whether it was the famous Focaccia di Recco or the Cappon Magro, each dish was a lyrical tribute to the Italian culinary heritage. Yet, amidst the culinary symphony, there was another element, rather peculiar, that added a distinct note to Giuseppe's life — Cannabis. Yes, dear friend, the magic herb that most of us know for reasons far removed from the realm of the kitchen.

Table set with a view of the Rapallo sea

The Greener Side of the Alps

You see, Giuseppe had an unusual admiration for Cannabis. Not the wild, rebellious fondness of a law-bending ruffian, but the quiet, considered interest of a man who loves his espresso as much as his joint. An old-school sailor, he often compared the thrill of sailing the Ligurian Sea to the gentle high that a puff of weed provided.

For Giuseppe, Cannabis was a dear friend, always present in his most cherished moments. When he cheered for U.C. Sampdoria, his favourite football club, at the Luigi Ferraris, his joint was there, adding an extra layer of joy to every goal scored. Or when he stared at the cerulean expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, from the deck of his boat, a roll-up in his hand, the salty breeze carried a hint of his aromatic companion.

Giuseppe smoking after the Sampdoria game in Genoa

The Unusual Chef

Ever since Cannabis became legal for medical and industrial uses in Italy, Giuseppe had been intrigued by its possibilities. Now, it wasn't like he was going around peddling this magical herb or flagrantly lighting up in public. No, sir. Giuseppe was a man who respected the rules of the land. In fact, he saw this as an opportunity to explore a new realm in his beloved gastronomy.

The Sprinkle of Magic

Oh, the look on the faces of his customers when they tasted his Torta verde, subtly laced with a hint of Cannabis. Eyes wide with surprise, quickly followed by a rapturous sigh as the unique combination of the humble pie and the herb created an extraordinary symphony on their tongues. And then, the delightful ‘Tiramisu alla Cannabis’, a reinterpretation of the classic that left his guests coming back for more.

The Old Hippie's Dream

Giuseppe's dream is as vibrant as his personality. He imagines a day when the regulations around Cannabis will evolve, making it as regular as an espresso or a glass of Chianti. A world where people could share a joint as freely as they share stories, memories, and laughter. He dreams of a day when his passion for the herb wouldn't raise eyebrows but invite warm smiles and nods of understanding.

trattoria in the hills of Rapallo Italy

Epilogue: The Scent of Hope

As the sun sets over Rapallo, painting the sky with hues of crimson and gold, the scent of fresh Focaccia fills the air, subtly mixed with a hint of something magical. At the bustling Trattoria, Giuseppe pours himself a steaming cup of espresso, takes a gentle puff from his joint, and looks out at the horizon. In the twinkle of his eyes, there is a whiff of joy, a dash of dreams, and the scent of hope. For Giuseppe, the old hippie, this is what living is all about - the love of food, the joy of Cannabis, and the dream of a greener future. And as the day ends, the words of an old Italian proverb echo in his heart, "A tavola non si invecchia" - At the table, one does not grow old.

That, my friends, is Giuseppe's Italy - a land where Cannabis, espresso, and life blend into a symphony of flavors and experiences, each note resonating with the joie de vivre of this old, happy hippie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis is legal in Italy for medical and industrial uses. However, it is important to follow the regulations and respect the laws regarding its usage.
In Giuseppe's trattoria, Cannabis is used as a subtle ingredient in certain dishes, such as the Torta verde and Tiramisu alla Cannabis, creating a unique combination of flavors that surprises and delights customers.
Giuseppe dreams of a future where Cannabis regulations evolve, allowing people to enjoy it as freely as they enjoy an espresso or a glass of wine. He envisions a world where passion for Cannabis is met with understanding and acceptance.