Protect your weed plants from animals

If you grow weed outside, there are quite a few threats that you might not take into account beforehand. For example, you can suffer a lot from insects, but you can also be troubled by the weather. It can suddenly be much hotter and drier, or much colder and rainier than you expected. But have you ever thought of hungry animals? Depending on where you live, there are different (small) wild animals that enjoy eating your beloved weed plants. Think of rats, deer, mice, cats, and birds. This, of course, depends entirely on where you live and what animals live there. But everywhere in the world, there is a species that thinks your cannabis plants are tasty. In this article, we will discuss a few animal species that weed plants like and that in that respect pose a threat to your plants. Don't get us wrong, we love animals! Animals can't help themselves to be interested in your weed plants, they're just hungry! And you can't blame them, weed plants are delicious, we think so too! But you can ensure that they stay out of your garden, even in an animal-friendly way. So read on!

In addition to the fact that some animals eat from your plants, they also do their needs there and dig into the soil. All these things can be harmful to your garden and your plants and you don't want that. There are many options for keeping animals out of your garden, and there are also many animals that might bother you. There are quite a few animal species that you might not think of so quickly. For example, how about moles? Moles are nice animals, but if they have dug all kinds of corridors and holes under your garden, then they are much less fun! Larger animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and foxes can also cause damage to your garden. Read on and learn how you can prevent them from turning your garden upside down.

It is of course not true that the animals are your enemies. They just live outside, so it is important to get along well with them. There are enough ways to keep the animals out of your garden in an animal-friendly way. If you grow cannabis outdoors, this is an opportunity to enjoy working outside in nature, but that means that you have to take all kinds of elements from outside into account.


Some kind of squirrel species probably lives in your area. They are very active animals that gnaw at everything they can get their little hands-on, so probably also your cannabis plants. Squirrels are found in Africa, America, Europe, and actually everywhere. There are many different types and they have one thing in common, they hide food in the garden. There are species that live high in the trees and occasionally come down, and there are also ground squirrels that prefer to stay down. In themselves, they will not eat your plants, but what they do is hide nuts and seeds by digging holes. They can, therefore, turn your entire garden upside down. They store food for later. This can damage the stem of the cannabis plant or the roots. This is the biggest problem you can expect from ground squirrels.

What can you do against squirrels to protect your valuable weed plants? A solution against squirrels is to place mesh around your garden. It is best to partially burrow the mesh into the ground. In this way, you actually create a kind of mesh fence around your garden. With this, you also display a number of other animals that want to eat from your weed plants. It is quite a job to build a very fine fence around your garden, especially if you have a large garden. But it prevents a lot of problems. If this measure does not work, and you really suffer from squirrels, then you could also consider placing a cage and catching them.


Not all threats to your cannabis garden live close to the ground, or underground. You can also suffer a lot from birds that are after your wonderful plants. Many birds love the seeds of the cannabis plant. They will not easily eat other parts of your plant. But for the seeds, they like to come back time after time! What you can do against birds? You can stand yourself all day as a scarecrow! But if you don't feel like it, you can place a feeding bowl or birdhouse containing food that birds find even better than the seeds of your plants. You actually use the other food as a distraction trick.