marijuana leaf on a table in Malta's marina

Greeting, amigos! Here we are, two brothers, living on the charming island of Malta, surrounded by the azure beauty of the Mediterranean. By day, we're fishermen, providing fresh seafood for our dear mama's restaurant. But when we hang up our nets, we indulge in our second passion - growing our own cannabis plants.

Embracing the Green Wave in Malta

In Malta, we have a saying, "il-hajja tibda bil-bzar," which means "life begins with seeds." That's how we've always seen it. The seeds we sow - whether they're the seeds of the cannabis plants we care for, or the nets we cast into the sea – they’re all part of the cycle of life, growth, and harvest.

Cannabis leaf on a small wall in Maltese porch

From Ancient Traditions to Modern Cannabis Innovations

Our beautiful Malta, with its megalithic temples and the fascinating Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating back to circa 4000 B.C., has always been a land rich in history and culture. The Maltese islands have embraced diverse traditions and influences over the centuries, from the Romans and Moors to the Knights of Saint John, French, and British.

Just as we inherited our fishing techniques from our ancestors, the modern Maltese generation has embarked on a new cultivation journey with cannabis. This combination of ancient wisdom with the progressive mindset of the present has allowed us to merge traditions beautifully.

Fishing and Farming: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The same hands that expertly cast nets into the Mediterranean Sea, now tenderly care for the delicate cannabis plants. The parallels between fishing and farming are more profound than one might think. Both require patience, understanding of nature's rhythms, and an appreciation for the fruits that the Earth and Sea provide.

Whether we're out at sea feeling the salty spray on our faces, or in our backyard tending to our cannabis plants under the warm Mediterranean sun, we're at peace. Our lives have become a unique blend of sea and land, and cannabis cultivation has become an extension of our love for nature.

The Growing Maltese Cannabis Industry

The year 2022 marked a significant shift for Malta as growing cannabis became legal. It opened the door for many people to explore the therapeutic and recreational benefits of this beautiful plant. The Medical Cannabis World Forum and the Cannabis Expo Malta are now annual events, attracting industry experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Creating a Buzz: Maltese Cannabis Start-ups

The green revolution in Malta isn't confined to personal growers like us. It has sparked a wave of innovative start-ups aimed at developing new cannabis-based products, technologies, and services. From tech-savvy solutions for efficient cannabis farming to developing high-quality cannabis-infused products, these start-ups are driving Malta's reputation as a budding hub of cannabis innovation.

Hemp derived products produced in Malta

Educating the Masses: The Role of Cannabis Forums

The annual Medical Cannabis World Forum has become an integral part of Malta's efforts to promote an educated approach towards cannabis. At the forum, global experts discuss advancements in medical cannabis research, legislative changes, and industry trends. These experts debunk cannabis myths and shed light on its numerous benefits, further strengthening Malta's progressive attitude towards marijuana use.

A Uniquely Maltese Cannabis Experience

From the charming cobblestone streets of Valletta to the serene beaches of Comino, Malta is an island of picturesque contrasts. And now, this contrast extends to our unique blend of traditional fishing and modern cannabis cultivation.

We're just two humble fishermen, but we're proud to be part of the cannabis culture blossoming across our homeland. With each seed we sow, and every plant we nurture, we're celebrating Malta's progressive spirit. And as our cannabis plants sway in the Mediterranean breeze, we're reminded of the changing tides that brought us here. A Reliable Partner in our Cannabis Journey

And of course, we couldn't talk about our cannabis journey without mentioning As fellow enthusiasts, their high-quality products have been an invaluable part of our journey. They truly understand the importance of growing top-quality cannabis and the profound impact it can have on someone's life.

And so, our journey continues, hand in hand with the cannabis community of Malta and the reliable partners at Let's sow these seeds of change and growth together!

Embracing the Future: Malta and Cannabis

And so, as Malta moves forward, embracing its rich history while welcoming the promise of the future, so too does our story continue to unfold. Just as we've learned to navigate the mighty Mediterranean Sea, we're navigating the ever-evolving world of cannabis, continually learning, growing, and sharing our experiences with others.

Our humble contribution to the wave of cannabis acceptance sweeping across Malta may not be large, but we're proud of it. We believe in the potential of cannabis to bring joy, relief, and understanding, much like the ocean and our treasured island home.

couple in the Maltese hills and a hemp plant

Growing Together: A Community of Cannabis Enthusiasts

In the end, we're all just tiny parts of a much larger whole. From the fishermen, like us, cultivating cannabis in their backyards, to the dedicated entrepreneurs propelling Malta's cannabis industry forward, we're all playing our part in this incredible journey.

As each day dawns over the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, it brings with it new possibilities for growth, learning, and discovery in Malta's burgeoning cannabis scene. And we're excited to face these possibilities together, as a community.

As the Maltese saying goes, "Tal-bahar u tal-qamh." It means "Of the sea and of the wheat" - but for us, it could just as easily mean "Of the sea and of the cannabis." Just like the ocean, cannabis is a powerful force of nature, and we are its humble stewards.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here's to the future – may it be as bright and full of potential as a Maltese sunrise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis offers various benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, stress reduction, and potential medicinal applications. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before using cannabis for specific purposes.
Yes, growing cannabis became legal in Malta in 2022. However, it's important to comply with the regulations and laws surrounding cannabis cultivation and use.
There are various resources available to learn about cannabis cultivation in Malta. Online forums, local community groups, and educational events like the Medical Cannabis World Forum can provide valuable information and connect you with experts in the field.