Landrace and Heirloom Cannabis Strains

The situation of marijuana today is very different from the situation in 3000 BC, or the 60s. In those times people used the real, original cannabis in landrace and heirloom varieties.

What are cannabis landrace strains?

Today it is very different. Only very few strains today are landrace or heirloom. In fact, all weed varieties that are currently used are hybrid cannabis strains.

The descendants of landrace species are called Phenotypes. These strains have been removed from their environment.

Landrace cannabis strains, heirloom strains, snd phenotypes

It is precisely the environment that makes a strain a true landrace strain. The climate and all facets that go with it (such as humidity, temperature, and growing conditions) contribute to the unique character and beauty of a true landrace strain.

The fact is that if seeds are removed from the original area and taken elsewhere, these seeds must adapt to the new conditions. The ways they use to become big and healthy will have to adapt to the new circumstances.

This change of location causes them to change from a landrace to a phenotype. The fact that a weed plant has adapted to the environment and grows under different circumstances makes it a phenotype plant.

landrace strains

Hybrid Landrace Strains

However, hybrid marijuana plants are something completely different. These hybrid strains have different genetics from two-parent tribes. Why are these being crossed? To unite the best of two different strains in 1 new strain. This way you get the best of 2 worlds in 1 cannabis strain.

Crossing Different Marijuana Strains

Suppose you have a certain strain that has a very good taste profile, but a very low THC content. Then you could cross the strain with those beautiful flavors with a strain that is known to have a very high percentage of THC.

Another possibility of crossing is that you get a cannabis strain that is very easy to grow. For people who do not want too much hassle with growing a cannabis strain that is of course interesting.