Weed Eating Bird

We usually love birds, but birds also love weed plants. And we are not at all fond of that (understatement!). So read this blog thoroughly because we have many tips on preventing birds from stealing your precious seeds or eating your harvest.

Birds and your cannabis garden

Then there are also our winged friends; the birds. Yes, threats to your plants can come from above and not always from the ground. It is very annoying if you have spent a lot of time in a beautiful garden of cannabis and a flock of birds discovers it. Don't get us wrong; we love birds; they are beautiful animals. But it would be nice if they would leave our gardens alone! But, of course, the birds can't help it; they are just looking for food - and a cannabis plant has a lot to offer. A flock of birds can do a lot of damage to your cannabis garden.

Protecting your cannabis garden from birds 

There are many ways to ensure that birds do not eat your entire garden. It is also true that birds also do good things for your garden. If birds visit your grow garden, it can also be positive. How? Well, they like to eat insects, and insects can be a threat to your plants. So the more insects are eaten by the birds, the less the chance that insects will attack your plants.

On the other hand, feathered animals can also do enormous damage. They enjoy eating the seeds of cannabis plants. It would be best if you take some precautions to protect your grow space from birds.

Protect your plants

If you live in a place where growing marijuana is illegal, you will be growing in a remote area. This can make it challenging to protect your space. This is especially true if you are trying to keep your growing area a secret.

Insect and bird barrier

Bird and insect nets can be great for keeping birds away from your plants. Also, larger metal cages can be purchased and placed around your plants. Keep in mind that you will lose the advantage of the birds eating insects. You will need to learn how to get rid of pests properly. This is more appropriate for areas where it is legal to grow cannabis.

Grow your cannabis among other plants

You can try growing your cannabis plants among plants that the birds in your area prefer over marijuana. You will need to research this. You are trying to distract the birds away from your crop. This is not a great solution, but it could help. This leads us to the next one.

Bird feeders

Set up bird feeders in the area of your cannabis grow, but far enough away that it will draw the birds away from your grow area. This can be an effective way of deterring them from pecking at your plants and looking for seeds. *** Be aware that this can get expensive because you must fill the feeders regularly. Also, other animals will try to get at the seeds. ***

Reflective materials

You can hang reflective material from the branches of plants near your crop. You can also hang it directly on your crop. For example, the mt neighbor hangs CDs throughout their food garden using fishing lines (I wouldn't put fishing lines directly on your cannabis plants). They do this to keep the birds away. You can use aluminum foil, CDs, baking tins, or anything light and reflective.


The picture of a farm in the middle of America comes to mind. A scarecrow is low-tech but can be effective. Just remember that the birds will get used to it eventually, so move it around. It is not the best solution but combined with others; it can help.

Other animal threats


Insects are also a complicated threat because many species live outside, and many like your plants. We have a guide on how to handle insect pests in your garden on our blog.


There may also be problems with the growing medium or the soil you grow. You will not be the first outdoor grower to find molehills in his garden. Moles love everything that grows in vegetable gardens, including your beloved cannabis plant.


Not all birds pose a threat to your weed plants. After all, not all birds are the same, and not all look for the same food. However, it is a common problem with growing cannabis. Some birds will destroy the whole plant. It is also a potential problem that the birds can destroy the whole plant and destroy the crop for the following year.

If you do not grow from seed, you may be able to sidestep the issue of birds completely. In this case, birds are not as much of a problem. Birds could be an issue however, if you decide to grow outside. The points listed above should help mitigate the issue of having birds destroy your cannabis crops.