Hashish Oil: Natural Innovation

By: Juan Sebastian Chaves Gil

Have you ever wondered how the cannabis plant transforms into an edible extract or how growers maximize their harvests? There are various techniques to turn cannabis buds into edible extracts, such as capsules, butter, and tinctures. In this article, we will focus on hashish oil, also known as cannabis extract oil or RSO.

What is Hash Oil?

Experts in the field have identified hash oil as an essence extracted from the cannabis plant, constituting a resinous matrix of cannabinoids. This extraction is carried out using solvents, resulting in a substance that can appear in the form of hardened or viscous sheets. Hash oil stands out for its high level of psychoactive compound per volume, positioning it as one of the most potent products derived from cannabis. Its potency can vary depending on the blend of essential oils from the plant and the psychoactive compounds present.

According to specialized studies, levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in hash oil can reach between 30% and 90% when extraction is done correctly. These ranges significantly surpass the THC levels present in other varieties of marijuana, which generally range between 5% and 20%. Only some solid hash extractions come close to these percentages, recording between 20% and 60% THC.

Current Legality of Hash:

Australia - Northern Territory:

In Australia's Northern Territory, possession of up to one gram of hash oil could result in a fine of up to $200 for adults. However, those who pay the fine within 28 days of the incident will not face criminal charges.


In Italy, individuals found in possession of a personal quantity of substance containing up to one gram of THC will receive an initial warning. Subsequent penalties will be applied in case of recurrence.


Although supplying instruments for the production and consumption of cannabis is illegal in Portugal, the possession of up to 2.5 grams of hash oil for personal use is allowed under the country's legislation.

United States:

The legality of hashish in the United States varies by state or municipality, while it remains illegal at the federal level. In certain areas, its possession, use, sale, or production may be legalized or decriminalized, especially for medical or recreational purposes. However, federal laws do not explicitly define the difference between marijuana, hashish, and hash oil, requiring a case-by-case evaluation of cannabis-derived products.

United Kingdom:

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 in the United Kingdom, hashish is classified as a Class B controlled substance. In 2013, legal discussion arose regarding "liquid cannabis."


In Colombia, the permitted personal dose of marijuana is 20 grams, and of hash oil, even if its origin is unknown.

Ways of Consumption:

In the world of cannabis, consumption has evolved significantly, and water pipes or bubblers have become a popular choice. These devices allow for easy administration of the inhaled dose. A typical bubbler consists of a pipe and a titanium bowl where substances are placed. There are several types available:

Borosilicate Bubbler: These glass water pipes stand out for their design that facilitates a smoother and easier smoking experience compared to traditional water pipes. Their finishes may vary, but they are distinguished by their functionality and transparent design, away from excessive ornamentation.

Micro Bubbler: Specially designed for tasting hash oil, this compact model concentrates flavor to the maximum. Generally, it has four small holes for filtration.

Macro Bubbler: Similar to the micro bubbler but larger, like the renowned Toro-type models. These larger bubblers, with multiple in-line filtration holes, are ideal for enjoying hash oil and resins.

In addition to inhalation consumption, cannabis can also be consumed orally, especially for therapeutic purposes. Oils are a popular option for medical consumers, as they can be mixed with other oils such as olive oil to facilitate dosing and minimize psychoactive effects, thus allowing only the desired therapeutic effects to be obtained.

Why is Hashish Oil So Popular?

Hashish oil, also known as RSO, is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that can be consumed or smoked. Its preparation is simple, using common kitchen utensils, and it can be stored and dosed easily. The choice of the right alcohol, such as ethanol or Everclear, is crucial for its production. This oil is produced by mixing high-proof alcohol with marijuana, filtering the mixture, and evaporating the alcohol, leaving a thick and resinous substance. Due to its high concentration, only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired effects, making it efficient and long-lasting.

Decarboxylation and Alcohol Choice for Hashish Oil

Marijuana decarboxylation, a preliminary step, is essential to activate psychoactive compounds. As for alcohol, it is recommended to use high-proof options like ethanol or rectified spirits. It is crucial to avoid alcohols with high sugar content, such as grape alcohol.

Is Decarboxylation Necessary for Marijuana?

Decarboxylation is crucial to obtain potent and psychoactive hashish oil. If a less potent product without psychoactive effects is preferred, one can choose not to decarboxylate, but this may result in a loss of some medicinal benefits.

Tinctures and Quick Wash: An Efficient Alternative

For those already possessing cannabis tincture, the oil-making process is simplified, but a "quick wash" can also be performed to obtain a golden tincture. This efficient method involves freezing both alcohol and marijuana before mixing and filtering.

How to Make Hashish Oil: Artisanal Method

Once the tincture is obtained, the oil-making process is completed through a controlled alcohol evaporation using a double boiler. It is crucial to follow precise instructions and take precautions due to the use of high-proof alcohol.

Maximizing the Use of Hashish Oil

Hashish oil is versatile and can be consumed in various ways: orally, smoked or vaporized, applied in dabs, or encapsulated in gelatin. Storing it in the refrigerator maintains its freshness and potency, although it may solidify. Hashish oil provides various consumption options, depending on individual preferences and needs. Remember to start with low doses and adjust as necessary.