Ghost Train XTRM

With high amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and normal amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD), this potent strain is more medicinal than recreational. With that in mind, ADD, Glaucoma, appetite loss, ADHD, and depression sufferers will find a sense of calming after taking this dope.

The History  

Feminized Ghost Train XTRM ® beans came to be after crossing the Alien OG and Ghost Train Haze strains. The beauty has maintained her hybrid nature, mostly leaning against the Sativa side (65% Sativa and 35%) Indica.

One of those strains considered to be at the highest THC range (between 20 - 30% THC), this no-ordinary strain has her THC levels going up to 25%.

To the greatest extent, she maintains one of her parent's characteristics. That is the Ghost Train Haze strain. The outdoor height of Ghost Train Haze strain ranges between 160 to 190cm, while the indoor height comes in between 80 to 100cm. Compared to the Ghost Train XTRM ® feminized height, the difference is so meager that indoor height is 100cm, and the outdoor height is up to 175cm.

As far as the potency is concerned, this strain mimics more of her other parent - Alien OG, with a THC range of between 25 to 28%.

Since this strain hit the shelves, one thing is for sure - it is not one of the most beginner-friendly strains both when it comes to consumption and cultivation.

Growing the Ghost Train XTRM Fem strain

For a Sativa hybrid like this, there are obvious factors that you will need to consider to get the best out of the plant.

●     Germination

Germinating hybrid Sativa seeds isn't the hardest thing to do. However, you are better of understanding that it begins with the choice of where you get your beans from. It would be best to have cannabis seeds that have a popping guarantee and from a reputable seed bank. 

With your Ghost Train XTRM feminized strain seeds ready, onto the next - deciding on the germination technique to use. You can decide to directly immerse your beans on the growing medium of your choice, a moist paper towel, use seedling plugs or any other method you can straight-forwardly use. The goal is to have flourishing seedlings.

●     Taking Care of your Seedlings

The Ghost Train Extreme feminized strain is a photoperiodic one. This means that it relies heavily on light to succeed in growing and give the optimum yields. Importantly, even though we have mentioned that this will grow to be a tall strain, you shouldn’t keep the lights high above the seedlings as this will cause intense stretching to reach the light. The end result? Getting a weak seedling that won’t perhaps yield much.

The relative humidity in the growing medium should range between 50 to 60% if at all, you are to get the best results. The temperature, on the other hand, should not go beyond 75 or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thanks to the Alien OG traits, this strain may tend to be somewhat bushy, and thus the fan leaves' trimming is of the utmost importance.

For the best results, you will also need to subject your plants to adequate nutrients. If you can, use organic nutrients such as worm castings or coffee grounds. However, this is not to say that marijuana fertilizer is unnecessary. If that's what you can genuinely get, then, yes, please.

Wondering how much water your seedlings will like? Well, the best here is relative as you will need to ensure that the water isn't so much nor too little to make your plant wither. Put simply; it would be helpful if you are considerate.

While at this, please note that this strain has a moderate growing difficulty. To the greatest extent, it would help if you are not a beginner ganja grower lest you fail to see the maximum yields from this feminized pot strain.

What is the flowering period like?

If you are that grower who likes it the most when they cultivate their grass outdoors, then the climate should be warm and hot. Also, the timing should be in such a way that it happens between October and November.

For indoor growers, the flowering time is between 9 and 10 weeks. Not the shortest but then taking such relatively mid-long gets compensated yields-wise.

How many yields can I expect from Ghost Train Feminized Weed?

When you cultivate this strain indoors, you are guaranteed to reap up to 400gms per square meter. In the case of outdoor cultivation, then reaping up to 550gms per square meter isn’t a pipedream.

About the Aroma and Flavor

The Ghost Train feminized XTRM ® strain harbors 6 different tastes. These are slightly peppery, sweet, herbal, piney, fruity, and citrusy. The scent is citrusy and fruity.

Closing Thoughts

As of now, we hope that this blog post debunks all that you need to know about the Ghost Train feminized strain. If yes, pleasure is all ours that you have added some nuances of wisdom in your brain.