Cannabis can used to treat anxiety

Smoking cannabis has a strong relaxing effect on some people. Afroman said it best in the early 2000s when his hit song came out, "Because I got high". As most of you will remember it goes a bit like this: "I was gonna clean my room until I got high. I was gonna get up and find the broom but then I got high. My room still messed up and I know why (why man) - cause I got high, cause I got high, cause I high. This fun song holds a lot of truth in its lyrics in that marijuana can relax you, take away your anxiety, and in more extreme cases take away your cares so much that you don't get much done.

Most cannabis users have experienced two different ends of the spectrum that marijuana produces. Sometimes it can make you feel carefree and other times it makes you paranoid. Studies have shown cannabis to have anti-anxiety properties providing relief to those with PTSD and social anxiety. Your personal tolerance, the strain composition, pre-existing conditions, and environmental factors all play a part in whether or not you will get that happy go lucky feeling or feeling like everyone is out to get you.

Many people today use cannabis to help them relax, but it has been used centuries ago for that very reason. In 1563 the Portuguese physician, Garcia de Orta, had said that marijuana delivers sufferers from their worries and cares.

Consuming cannabis increases the presence of endocannabinoids

Scientists are gaining evidence about marijuana and anxiety. In 2014 a study was done at Vanderbilt University that found that consuming cannabis increases the presence of endocannabinoids, naturally-occurring brain chemicals, that gets reduced when you have chronic stress. Researches believe that the reduction of endocannabinoids can cause anxiety disorders.

Many people with anxiety disorders have turned to prescription medications to help aid their anxiety, however, cannabis can be a safer and more effective way to treat it. A recent Canadian study showed that 40% of patients were able to stop using benzodiazepines after using prescribed medical cannabis for 90 days to treat anxiety and pain. This relieves them of various undesired side effects that come with that type of medication.

As mentioned before, whether you get relaxed or paranoid after consuming cannabis it depends on the strain composition. THC and CBD are the main cannabinoids of cannabis and they both cause different effects. For most people, CBD high strains reduce anxiety while THC high strains cause anxiety. This is because THC produces psychoactive effects that help some people with their anxiety but causes other people's anxiety to get worse. CBD, on the other hand, acts more mildly and is known to act on serotonin receptors.

Stop smoking for a few days

One of the best ways to avoid getting that paranoid feeling after smoking is knowing your tolerance. Take it easy when trying a new strain. Over time your tolerance will build up and you will need to smoke more to get that high you once had. However, stopping smoking for a few days will already make you're high more intense when you light up again. Thus, don't automatically go for the same dose as you normally have or else it could be too much for you.

Another way to avoid that paranoid feeling when you consume cannabis is to use be aware of your environment. Even if you use your usual dose of marijuana and your environment is stressful or unfamiliar it can cause anxiety. The best way to go is to use cannabis in a safe and calm environment.

When you are shopping for your new anxiety-relieving strain aim for one that is a higher percentage of Indica than Sativa. This is because Sativa strains normally have a more energizing effect on the mind, while Indica strains promote calmness.

Girl Scout Cookies has gotten great reviews

Some strains are commonly used to treat anxiety. Northern Light is a tranquilizing Indica that will calm the mind. Girl Scout Cookies has gotten great reviews from people using it to help with PTSD. This strain contains a high amount of THC so keep it in mind when assessing your tolerance. Jack Herer has also been used to treat anxiety.

Cannabis can be a great tool to use for anxiety relief. It doesn't come with the list of deadly side effects associated with prescription pills. Even though cannabis may sometimes be the cause for paranoia this can easily be avoided by staying within your tolerance zone, smoking in a pleasant environment, and using anxiety relieving strain.