Munchies Cannabis

If you smoke weed you know that a night of smoking can end in a crazy food festival. The munchies is a phenomenon that actually everyone who smokes has ever experienced. It is not that the munchies always attack you. And it is not the case that everyone gets it. But the fact is that the munchies often lead to funny situations. People eat the strangest things and combinations when they are high. Does that sound familiar? It probably does!

But how do the munchies arise? What exactly does it cause? How come when you are high that you suddenly feel like eating a bag of Doritos? Or two!

Marijuana causes the munchies

marijuana causes the munchies

Cannabis has been proven to help digest food. The process ensures that gastrointestinal motility is increased. That is quite a mouth full, but a simple expanation is that a huge feeling of hunger strikes. It is a solution for patients who have a condition associated with a certain eating disorder, such as dementia, hepatitis or HIV. With these conditions, patients may have a loss of appetite, and that can ultimately lead to a situation of malnutrition. This is why, in certain cases, marijuana is part of the treatment plan.

THC in cannabis

Cannabis is known to contain THC. And THC is increasingly being used to treat all kinds of diseases. Cannabis is used by doctors to simulate the feeling of hunger and thereby get the patient to eat. A reaction in the brain increases appetite. But even if you are not a patient you can get quite hungry from THC! THC actually tricks your brain and tells you that your body needs food. That is why your brain sends signals that you are hungry. 

The hunger effect

One of the properties of THC is that it can stimulate the feeling of hunger. This gives users the feeling that they are hungry all the time. While it may cause problems for some people because they eat a lot, it is a solution for other people. There are THC-based medicines that are used by doctors to induce the feeling of hunger. This greatly improves the quality of life for many patients.

Food tastes better thanks to THC

A characteristic that THC also has is that food often tastes better because of it. Research also shows that the opposite is the case with certain weed strains. There are weed strains that suppress appetite, and there are weed strains that actually increase it. Some cannabis strains therefore induce the opposite feeling, so it can work both ways. 

What do you eat when you have the munchies? Tell us in the comments below!

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