Smokeable Herb

In our article today, we discuss the best legal smokable herbs, how to use them, their advantages, and more interestingly, you get tips on preparing various smokable herbal blends.

For a start, we need to familiarize ourselves with the basic terms. Herb is a general term used to refer to the flowering parts, usually green. On the other hand, smokable herbs, also known as herbal cigarettes or nicotine-free cigarettes, are joints made from a mixture of various herbs and weed instead of tobacco. 

However, depending on the country and the culture of an area, some herbs may contain tobacco. Different people smoke herbs for various reasons, for ceremonial, recreational, or even medicinal purposes. 

Still, that sums up to the original reason for introducing herbs, which was getting high.

The Traditional Smokable Herbs

Initially, after a long day at work, the herb users came home tired and had to find a perfect way of relaxing their mind and body, and an excellent potent herbal concoction was an ideal choice. However, with time and modernization, tobacco became an herb of choice since it was highly addictive due to its high narcotic composition. Its supply slowly went down, and today the traditional herbs are brought in as a fallback option, which now brings us to our smokable herbs list.

1. Mullein

Mullein is a tasteless medicinal herb known for its effectiveness in the treatment of lung inflammations and infections. You may have had an irritating dry cough, and after visiting the medic, he prescribed a cough expectorant syrup. The syrup works the exact way as the mullein herb, promoting productive coughing by unblocking the respiratory tracks, which reduces congestion. 

As previously mentioned, the herb has no known flavor, and for this reason, it is mostly used as a base while making a herbal smoking blend. However, it is advisable to add a little moisture to reduce the herb's dryness for the best results.

2. Red Raspberry Leaf

The red raspberry leaf is a great medicinal smokable herb and also a perfect tobacco alternative. It is known to help neutralize the narcotic composition of the cigarettes, which reduces the poisoning effect. 

Additionally, it is proven to effectively relieve menstrual pain so our women can now have a better experience during their time of the month. The raspberry leaf is also seductive and gives a unique calming effect; Moreover, its fluffy textures make it a good base while making an herbal smoking blend.

3. Mug-wort

Mugwort is a unique herb in its particular way; it's deeply linked to us as humans mainly due to its hallucinogenic properties, which have managed to entrance many people for decades. 

The herb is used for spiritual and ritual activities and also as a prescription for various ailments, not to mention a few: fever, cold, epilepsy, digestive issues, cardiovascular problems, menstrual problem, and asthma. Additionally, it is recommended for use before bedtime since it is known to induce colorful and vivid dreams giving you a peaceful night's rest.

4. Colts Foot

Traditionally, the colt was used for the treatment of tuberculosis. The smokable herb obtained its name from its leaves' shape, which resembles the horse's hoof; it has a strong earthy flavor and numerous medicinal properties. 

Colt's foot was traditionally used to treat lung infections such as respiratory tract diseases and bronchitis. Today people walking the challenging journey of quitting smoking cigarettes use the herb as a lung purgative; it removes the poison deposited in the lungs in the form of tar and the tobacco already circulating in the blood system. 

Besides, the herb is also considered a perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes for the reasons mentioned above. Like mullein, colt foot also works as an expectorant; however it is advisable to use it sparingly since excessive use may result in severe coughing fits.

5. Horsetail

Horsetail is another unique legal smokable herb that is highly recommended to users trying to win themselves off tobacco since it contains a lower percentage of nicotine. Do you know what's more interesting? The herb will help you alleviate your cravings and reduce all the withdrawal symptoms that come with ceasing cigarette use. Horsetail burns well when dried and also mixes well with other herbs, thanks to its bristly nature.

Legal Smokable Herbs You Can Use To Make Herbal Tobacco

Most legal smokable herbs are known for their wide range of uses in treating different diseases and reducing tobacco addiction. Finally, we can now say that there is an excellent solution for those stuck with tobacco addiction. However, it may not be so perfect since smoking largely depends on the user's desire and discipline to quit, but then it's worth trying. The detoxification process can be effective if it's taken gradually.

Did you know a blend of smokable herbs can be used as a tobacco substitute? You read that right. It is described as a harmonious and convenient way to reduce cigarette intake and stop smoking completely. The most effective blends will contain a mixture or a combination of two or more smokable herbs. They should be useful in the detoxification process, remove tobacco from the respiratory system, relieve coughs, and strengthen the body to survive the whole detoxification process.

Herbal blends are prepared without tobacco or any other addictive substances that may contain nicotine, making smokable herbs best for users trying to quit tobacco use. Discussed below are herbs known to help in stopping the use of tobacco

  • Damiana

It is known for the treatment of impotence. Mexican women use the Damiana leaves to make love to their husbands, exciting, right? So you can try this out, smoke the fantastic herb and get ready to light up the candles. It is said that a cup of Damiana tea gives a calm effect before love-making and also prepares a field for pleasant dreams

Damiana herb leaves you with a pleasant feeling; by smoking the herb, you infuse the soul and experience an emotional high that lasts for ninety minutes. Besides sexual passion, the herb is also known as a natural anti-depressant and revitalizer.

  • Chamomile

It is a smokable herb used as a tobacco substitute by increasing the dosage of the herbs while reducing that of tobacco cigarettes to reduce narcotic composition. Additionally, chamomile is known to reduce tension, anxiety, and the overall craving for narcotic substances up to a point where the negative smoking pattern of smoking vanishes completely. It is also known to improve sleep quality but only if it is consumed in solution forms such as food, tea, or steam. Women use the herb to reduce tension related menopause, morning sickness during pregnancy, and menstrual pain.

  • Mint

Just as the name reads, the herb has a cooling mint flavor; it will help you increase blood circulation, which in the long run calms your nervous system down. It also reduces congestion in the respiratory tract enabling more comfortable breathing. Its health benefits include treating stomach-ache, digestive problems, stimulating liver secretions, and working as an expectorant. When you add the mint to your weed, you get to experience a new and unique flavor and freshness in your joints or tobacco substitute. The blend of the smokable herbs does a great job in reducing tobacco and cigarette compositions.

  • Lavender

Although the herb is not reported to cause any euphoric effects, it is a perfect blend for the preparation of tobacco substitutes. It reduces restlessness and ensures you enjoy an excellent night's sleep since it alleviates headaches, flatulence, and joint pains. Based on a report concerning herbal medicine, lavender is used while sterilizing wounds, treating wounds, burns, and muscle spasms.

Effective Ways Of Making Herbal Smoking Blend

As previously, highlighted smokable herbs list, all herbal blends must have these three components:

  1. The base or carrier herbs

  2. Flavoring herbs

  3. Herbs playing a specific supportive role

In our discussion above, we have seen some useful base herbs that include mullein and red raspberry leaf but then weed is also a perfect base in preparing your favorite smoking blend. After obtaining or choosing a base herb, you may select one of the many herbs to play a specific role, the medicinal value. The good news is, whether you are looking to sort anxiety, insomnia, or treatment of other complex ailments, there will always be an herb designed to best sort the problem.

The final step will include spicing up the mixture or blend to add flavor. Different herbs have different smells and tastes, giving you the chance to choose an herb that interests and works for you. Interestingly, it is proven that most herbs with great flavors have the highest medicinal value. To add flavor, you may choose lavender, which also has a calming effect, peppermint known for sorting respiratory health problems, or angelica that soothes digestive issues and alleviates heartburns.

According to the herbal academy, it is good to use a conservative spritz with water or honey to make the herb's smoke moist and enjoyable. They also recommend users add a small amount of willow bark to improve the smoking blends' richness; however, this is only ideal when you roll the mixture into joints.

Natural Remedies To Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking indeed is one of the most challenging addictions to quit, so it's only natural that you are here looking for something that may help. Like you, other smokers look for natural remedies that are likely to help them stop the tobacco addiction. However, not all the treatments are good enough to give the expected outcome, or worse, some may have an adverse reaction with your body. Below we give you a smokable herbs list that has worked for other users, and although it's not a guarantee that they do, they are worth trying

  1. Use Of Acupuncture

This is a form of therapy used by many addicts to reduce their tobacco cravings;The herb has a needle-like structure, which is also ball-like. The content is inserted into the ear's various parts, where it remains for approximately twenty minutes. So this is what happens when a smoker feels the urge to consume tobacco cigarettes. He presses the ball gently to stimulate the acupuncture inside, and the craving automatically goes away.

  1. Use Of St. Johns Wort

The herb St. John's wort is a smokable herb scientifically known as Hypericum perforatum. Primarily, it was used for the treatment of depression and stress-related issues. However, it is essential to note that the herb is only recommended when mixed with other components. Failure to incorporate interferes with the effectiveness of the detoxification process, and the prescription of different medications include the anti-depressant drugs used in the treatment of HIV infections. Also, note that St. John's wort is not recommended for children, pregnant moms, or people dealing with kidney and bipolar diseases.

  1. Use of the hypnotherapy sessions

Many people wonder if hypnotherapy works, chances are you also have the same question in mind. Although the process sounds like the best alternative to over the counter prescription, your big problem could be, Is it effective? Based on recent trials, hypnotherapy is more effective than the intervention of behavioral relapse. During the trial, the patients who stayed for three days without smoking were reported to go back to their old smoking habits faster than those in the hypnotherapy group. These leads to the conclusion that hypnotherapy is a better solution if the instructions follow the core.

  • Use of Ginseng

Ginseng is a smokable herb reported to prevent the narcotic induced release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the component responsible for making users feel good after smoking, which initiates the addiction process. The reduction in the desire gradually decreases the tobacco intake, and the user completely shuns from its use.

Benefits Of Using Smokable Herbs

The benefits of using herbs vary from one herb to the other since, as previously discussed, each herb is attached to its own unique and specific effects. The act of smoking is generally described as the process of inhaling burning tobacco leaves. While smoking can be harmful to your health, the use of smokable herbs can have some surprising good benefits to vitality and health. The benefits include:

  • Some herbs help in quitting a smoking habit and curb the smoking tendency

  • Treatment of various health problems

  • Giving the body a calming and relaxing effect

  • Peppermint improves blood circulation since it is a robust purifying agent

  • Gout Kola extract is a smokable herb effective in improving memory

Was the article helpful? I hope, yes. Smokable herbs have a wide range of benefits and use from medicinal to recreational. However, it is essential to note that too much use of anything can be harmful; smoke considerably and enjoy good feelings and benefits. To those seeking a way to quit cigarette use, try the different solutions offered in the smokable herbs list for the best results.